{4th Grade UIL tryouts}

A couple of weeks ago Mason had try-outs for UIL. He didn't try-out in third grade and regretted it terribly afterward. So, he was more than anxious and ready when it was time for 4th-grade try-outs. Mason tried out for Oral Reading and Spelling Bee! We already know that he made the UIL spelling bee team, just waiting to hear on the oral reading part. I will update this when we find out! Anyhow, Mason came home from school so excited about the try-outs, so it deserved a post!

Try-outs were on a Tuesday after school. Apparently, they had a ton of kids wanting to try-out for oral reading because none of the kids got to go to any of their other events. They had to do those throughout the week. Mason feels confident that he did well in oral reading. He read me his script on the way home and I know I'm his mama, but he blows me away!! He's so good at reading out loud. He told me that his friends were all nervous and that their legs were shaking. Mason said he wasn't nervous at all. He was excited!! I'm not sure where he gets that from. A public speaker I am not!!

And then he asked me if we could record him reading it. I will be honest and say this performance wasn't as great as the one on the way home. I think he was distracted by the wind and outdoor noises. But, he still did great. Also, they were encouraged to use motions and expressions.

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