{Mason's 2019 Halloween Costume}

Picking out a costume for Mason each year is so fun! I mean, it was a lot more fun when I had full reigns and could dress him in something cute. But, it's also neat to see what he chooses each year. For weeks was determined to get one of those blow-up T-Rex costumes, but that quickly changed when he saw this one...

The Skull Trooper from Fortnite! It was love at first sight! haha. I mean, Fortnite is all the rage among kiddos these days, right? He's super excited about it and can't wait to wear it at Mitchell Resort and for Trick or Treating. We tried it on the day after he got it and had a little fun with it. We recorded a "Fortnite movie" of him re-enacting the game. It was so much fun! Video at the bottom of the post.

What are your kiddos going to be this year?

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