{Weekend Wrap-up // 3rd Grade Dance, Birthdays, Jeep Fest, church and bridal dress shopping}

Happy Tuesday y'all! It's 10:27 am and I am just now getting to start this post. Life has been CRAAAZZAAAYYY. But, I am sure most of you can relate with it being the end of the school year. There is so much going on around this time of year. And on top of that, we are leaving to go camping this weekend. So, I'm trying to prepare for all of the fun themed days Mason has this week, plus get us ready for camping. But, on the bright side, we are this close to summer!!!! Can I get an amen?  I just hope those summer weekends do not fly by as fast as this last one did. Here's a look at this past weekend.

Friday was Mason's third grade dance! This is the big send-off event for the third graders. Our current school only houses First, Second and Third grades. So, it's a new school for us next year. Anyhow, Mason was allowed to bring one guest to the event. In the past, it was that the boys brought their mama and the girls brought their daddy. But this year they made it to where they could bring one adult guest. I like that they changed it because sadly not everyone has a mama or a daddy. I went with Mason and we matched each other and the Jeep! The event was either formal or Hawaiian themed. The decorations were adorable!

After the dance Mason and I went to deliver a care package to a sweet friend. She works in our home town and we wanted to take her a little something to brighten her spirits. When we came out of the store the sky looked so neat and we had to take a picture!

We got to sleep in until about 9 on Saturday morning and it was nice. Then we were up and at em' for our sister in law's birthday brunch. We went to a place called the Lost Cajun and it was pretty good! Mason and I had chicken and french toast and Nate had Jambalaya. Everyone's food looked great, though! After brunch, Nathan let our baby nephew Carson play in the Jeep. It's now safe to say that the Jeep is Carson approved!

See that little fist pump? So cute!

After the brunch, Mason went home with his Nana & Papa and Nate and I headed towards Dallas for Jeep Fest. It was looking pretty scary on the way there and of course, made traffic go nuts. I had to keep looking down at my phone so that I wouldn't have a panic attack.

And as soon as we got to Dallas Market Hall the bottom fell out! It was pouring and coming in sideways. Within minutes the area was flooding! Nate, being the awesome husband that he is, dropped me off at the doors. He had to park and run in. He was drenched. Poor guy! I hate being in wet clothes. The Jeep event was a lot smaller than I anticipated and the prices didn't seem much better to me. We did meet up with some sweet friends, though!

After the expo we headed back to Nate's parent's house to pick up Mason for a cousins birthday party. It was supposed to be a swimming party, but the weather made them change locations. So Chuck E Cheese it was. They gave all of the kids an unlimited play card for the entire length of the party, which Mason loved. At one point I found him kicked back in a massaging chair! It was good to visit with family and celebrate our sweet girl!

After the party, Mason went home with my parents to spend the night. He was all about getting that Grandparent time in this weekend. I love that he loves being with them. After the party, Nathan and I met Michael & Keri at Applebees to hang out for a bit. We ended up chatting until after 2 am! And if it weren't for the restaurant closing and sleepiness I am sure we could have talked for even longer!

Sunday was church, picking up Mason from my parent's house, grabbing lunch & a few groceries and then dropping my boys off at home. I had Maitron of Honor duties of going to a bridal dress appointment with our sister in law. Oh my gosh, y'all! She found her dress and I couldn't hold back the tears. I wish I could show y'all, but it will have to wait until after the wedding. But let me just say, she's going to take everyone's breath away. She picked the perfect dress and it looks stunning on her! What an honor it is to be a part of this! I'm just so thankful.

And that's a wrap on our weekend! How was yours?

Have a great week!

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