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Happy Friday! This week actually went by pretty fast for me. Sunday through Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I had a migraine so that was blah! And then Wednesday it poured and poured. And as of right now the forecast is showing rain until Monday. Nonetheless, I am ready for the weekend. Here's a bit of what went on this week for Five on Friday...

{O N E} Teacher Appreciation // Dress up week

For teacher appreciation {updated that post to show what we did for day 5...it was one of my favorites} this week the kiddos got to have a fun little dress-up day each day. It's a fun time for these kiddos because they wear uniforms every day and this gives them a chance to do something a little different.

Day one - Hat's Off to our Teachers and staff

We were half-way to school when Mason remembered about the hat day! Oops! Too much to remember on a Monday. He begged me to turn around and go get it, but he would be late if we did. So I promised him I would take it back up to the school. He was way too excited to wear his CrawlHer hat! I had to snag these pictures after school, of course.

Day two - Our future is bright 

I always dread this dress up day because Mason wears glasses and doesn't have prescription sunglasses. But, this year Mason had it all planned out. He wore his super secret spy glasses and they fit over his normal glasses okay. :) They have mirrors on them so he can see behind him. Not sure how his teachers felt about these...haha.

Day three - FISD teachers and staff are superheroes

Mason has outgrown all of his superhero shirts, so he was just going to wear a cape. He has plenty of those! But this morning when I woke up I remembered he actually had a school spirit shirt (from 1st grade) that was superhero themed! So he paired that with a cape!

Day 4 - Our teachers and staff rock our socks

Crazy socks! This is always a fun one. We picked out some bright green and black socks that we had from soccer and paired it with a bright shirt! Teachers will be able to see Mason coming from a mile away. haha. It's still mandatory that they wear uniforms with the socks, but thankfully our district counts spirit shirts as a uniform. We had this bright one for breast cancer awareness. :) Mason thought since it was "crazy" sock day that he needed to look "crazy" in some of his pictures...

Day 5 - Thank you FISD for making me a JEANius!

Free jean day! Woohoo! The kids love when they get to wear jeans to school since it's not very often. And even more perfect to get to wear them on a Friday!!

{T W O} Camp Code

We signed Mason up for a coding, 3d printing, and robotics camp in June! He's so excited and I am excited for him. And it's not too early so we can still sleep in a bit. It's at the high school in our town. Some of his friends signed up too, so they are looking forward to doing this together.

{T H R E E} 1 Second Every Day April 2019

I love this app so much! It's such a fun way to document the days. There are some days that I forget to take a video, but I love that you can use a live photo or just a normal photo too. Still trying to get better about the whole video thing. I am a picture taker! haha. Here is our April 2019 video!

{F O U R} Rose

When I picked up Mason from school on Wednesday I could tell he was anxious about something. He fiercely started digging in his backpack and says, "Mom, I made you something today. It's not much. But thank you for being the best mom in the world and thank you for all that you do for me." Que the tears! Oh, my sweet boy. I pray that he always knows how much he means to me.

{F I V E} Life on Back Forty Blog

My sweet friend Keri just started a blog! It's going to be a good one, I just know it. Keri and I met through our Jeeps (and CrawlHer) and have been growing our friendship ever since. We live just a couple of towns over from one another which makes it even that much greater! Our families get along great, the kids love to play together and we share a lot of common interests. You'll remember Keri from this post. Anyhow, go check out her blog and give her a follow.

Happy weekend! Go find some adventure...

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