{Unlimited Off-Road Show // 2019}

Back at the beginning of April, we attended the Unlimited Off-Road show at Texas Motor Speedway. It was a Saturday/Sunday event and I worked the entire time. On Saturday Nathan and I volunteered with some friends to work the first shift for the actual event itself. They needed volunteers something fierce and we didn't mind helping! We also got a free shirt as well as free admission for both days events! Definitely worth it. 

No sooner than we got set-up the skies turned black and the wind picked up. We quickly had to reorganize everything to try to protect ourselves and all of the registration things. It poured for almost the duration of our time we worked.

After our UOR shift us girls went to work the CrawlHer booth while Nate went to walk around and hang out with another friend in a different booth. The rain held people off for a bit, but it eventually picked up. It was a fun day hanging out with some of my favorite people. 

We went back bright and early on Sunday and this time we took Mason! We knew he'd have a good time and we didn't have to work the first shift that day. We started our day with a "blessing of the Jeeps" put on by Jeepin for Jesus and it was an awesome thing! Dewayne prayed over all of us and our Jeeps and we had some good fellowship. We were supposed to make laps around the track before the show started, but that got canceled due to the rain. So, we decided to make our own parade around the outside of the track. It was awesome! We had so many Jeeps (and trucks) in our parade and it was talked about all over social media.

After the parade, it was time to go in! Mason was impressed with driving through the tunnel to enter the infield of TMS. We were able to park in the CrawlHer designated area this day so we took advantage and got some pictures. 

I went to work the CrawlHer booth while Nate and Mason went to walk around. Mason likes to see all of the big off-road vehicles! He also visited Baa Baa Black Jeep's booth several times. He always has powerwheels for the kids to ride. Mason also got to drive a remote control off-road car! He had a blast. 

A couple hours into the day I got a call from Nathan saying that Mason was going to ride in a buggy on the off-road course with a 5 year old!  A FIVE-year-old! Y'all, this kid drove better than most of the adults out there! He had a custom-built buggy and it was cool. You can see more of it in the video.

Mason loved it and now wants a buggy! It's only about $17-23 grand! haha. We had such a fun time together! 

And for the video...

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