{Road-trip goodie bag}

If you know anything about my family then you would know that we go on a lot of trips. Most of them are camping trip, but a trip nonetheless. Nate told me about how when he was a child that his mom would always make them a road trip goodie bag. It was filled with little treats and treasures to make the road-trip more fun. He knew this was one tradition that he wanted to carry on with Mason. And so we did. We still do it to this day and it's one of my favorite parts about a road-trip.

Road Trip Goodie Bag - Hall Around Texas

Nate's mom used to include things like; baseball cards, those magnet hair things (that you use the magnet to drag the hair to the bald head or mustache or or beard), invisible ink coloring books, big league chew, etc. I love that this was something that he enjoyed and remembered from his childhood. And I hope it's something Mason will enjoy.

For this trip (our annual Memorial Day weekend camping trip to Mason, TX) I went a little bigger than I normally would have. And that's all because it also happens to be Mason's birthday weekend. And since we are going camping I geared it towards that. Here is what I included in this goodie bag:

Road Trip Goodie Bag - Hall Around Texas

  • swim trunks & shirt 
  • rubber shoes (like natives - still waiting on them to arrive from Amazon when these pictures were taken)
  • 2 Lego figure surprise packs
  • water balloons
  • red, white & blue glow in the dark things
  • pop its
  • party poppers
  • silly string
  • dig kit
  • play dough type stuff
  • a book
  • all the snacks
I usually try to theme the goodie bag depending on where we are going and include things that he can use both on the road-trip and once we get there too. Below are some other ideas that you could use.

  • invisible ink coloring books
  • baseball cards
  • pokemon cards
  • iTunes gift card to use for games
  • bingo games
  • license plate game
  • educational flash cards
  • sticker books
  • brain challenging games
  • slinky
  • applesauce squeeze packets
  • neck pillow
  • use a craft box with compartments and fill with favorite snacks (like this)
  • fidget spinner
  • package of animals or dinosaurs
  • mad libs
  • silly putty
  • lap tray
  • restaurant i-spy game cards
  • bracelet making kits
  • word search books
  • dry erase board and markers
  • a baking sheet and magnet letters
  • pipe cleaners to make things
  • drawing pad
  • puppets/finger puppets
  • hot wheels
  • action figures
  • barbies
  •  yoyo
  • diary to journal the trip
  • paper dolls
  • Lego travel set
  • Mr. Potato head
  • books
  • floats
  • pool games
  • goggles
  • beach towel
  • water guns
  • parachute men
  • a new movie to watch on the way
I mean, the possibilities are endless. 

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