{Summer bucketlist // 2019}

Since this week (at noon on Thursday to be exact) kicks off summer for us I thought I would share our summer bucket list for 2019. We sure do love our summers around here and try to make the absolute most of them. Here is a list of things we hope to do this summer.

Summer bucketlist - Hall Around Texas
☀️ make homemade ice cream
☀️ go camping
☀️ watch fireworks on the 4th of July
☀️ go to Beaver's Bend
☀️ have a patio dinner
☀️ plant some succulents
☀️ go to the beach
☀️ put out hummingbird feeders
☀️ celebrate Mason's birthday with a party
☀️ have a water balloon fight
☀️ ride in the Jeep for the 4th of July parade
☀️ go on a summer vacation
☀️ attend VBS at our church 
☀️ code camp for Mason
☀️ play at the splash pad
☀️ sunset suppers at the lake
☀️ spend a day at the lake with friends
☀️ get a libary card at the historic library in our town
☀️ take photos with my big camera
☀️ eat watermelon 
☀️ find a sunflower field
☀️ roast marshmallows
☀️ go to Canton First Monday
☀️ go canoeing
☀️ road-trip
☀️ collect shells
☀️ make a summer vlog
☀️ fill our outdoor bucket (chalk, bubbles, etc)
☀️ make homemade popsicles
☀️ make wishes on dandelions
☀️ go swimming
☀️ eat bomb pops

What is on your summer time list this year?

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