{Art Gala & Recorder Concert}

Mason has been learning the recorder in his music class for the last several months. They finally got to showcase their hard work at the school's Art Gala & Recorder Concert. The school put on display the artwork of all three grade levels throughout the school and then had a couple of 3rd grade classes perform their recorder recital every 15 minutes or so. The evening was really well put together and it was so great to see Mason on stage! That boy has some major love of being on the stage and confidence. He certainly doesn't get that from me!

Before the actual concert, he brought his recorder home for practice. This lucky mama got a private concert from the cutest little boy. Right before he started he said "Oh mama, my heart just sank. But in an excited way!" He just melts me! It got me to thinking and made me feel so thankful that God chose me to be his mama and that I will always have a front row seat to everything he will do in his precious life. I know God has big things in store for this kid! 

Now to the actual event...

Mason did so well. All of the classes performed extremely well and blew my expectations out of the water. I'm pretty sure our recorder recitals as a child didn't go that well. They really did great! Mason was on pins and needles waiting for his classes' turn. He couldn't wait to get up there! He performed with 2 other classes and their theme was "black belt". They were encouraged to wear all black for their concert. They played 4 songs and I was wishing there was more. I was just so dang proud! 

The Art Gala part of the evening was really great, too! There are so many talented kids at this school. And they had everything displayed so well. Mason got to make paint art using Legos. He enjoyed that! And we found the piece he had been telling me about for weeks...his camper that he knew I would love. And he was right. 

And then he got to ride to supper in style. This better be the only time I find him in the back of a cop car! 

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