{Sweet, sweet summertime // Summer bucket of fun}

At 12:30 this afternoon we will officially be on summer break!!!!!! 

Thank you, Jesus, for summer breaks. To say that we are excited is an understatement! We love our summers something fierce around here. Yesterday I shared our summer bucket list and all that we hope to do this summer, but today I wanted to share a different kind of summer bucket. I make an outdoor bucket filled with fun little things that we can do or play with outside all summer long.

Summer bucket of fun - Hall Around Texas

Mason and I like to break up the monotony of the day by going outside for a few minutes at a time. So, this bucket surely comes in handy. We can just grab it and head to the porch for a bit of fun. I gather little things as I see them either at the Dollar Tree or Target dollar spot. And I refill it a couple times each summer.

Some things I include in them are:

🕶 water guns
🕶 sidewalk chalk, chalk markers or chalk bombs
🕶 little games
🕶 bubbles
🕶 airplanes
🕶 kites
🕶 slime
🕶 balls
🕶 jump ropes
🕶 water toys
🕶 grow things
🕶 gardening tools
🕶 little blow-up pool
🕶 sprinkler to play in
🕶 slip n slide
🕶 materials to make bird feeders
🕶 water balloons
🕶 frisbee
🕶 whiffle bat & ball
🕶 bug catcher kit
🕶 sand toys
🕶 stomp rocket blasters
🕶 pinwheels
🕶 stuff to make pet rocks
🕶 stuff to paint rocks
🕶 dig kits

Summer bucket of fun - Hall Around Texas

What do you like to play with outside? What do you do to fill those sweet summer days?

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