{Teacher Appreciation Week // Gift Ideas}

Happy Teacher appreciation week! It's the time to love on those teachers that pour into our children's hearts, minds and souls day after day. I couldn't be more grateful for the teachers that Mason has been blessed with! There are a million different ways of doing "teacher appreciation" but the method I've done since Mason was in Preschool is a smallish gift each day with a bigger gift on Friday. Here is what I am doing for Mason's teachers this year.

Teacher Appreciation Gift - Hall Around Texas

{O N E} Thanks a LATTE for all that you do!

For this one, I found a cute mug from Target and filled it with some chocolates and a Starbucks gift card. I got lucky and found the perfect card to go with it from Target also. You can't go wrong with chocolates and coffee!

Teacher Appreciation Gift

{T W O} No ifs, ands or BUNDTS about it, you're the best teacher!

I went to our local Nothing Bundt cakes and they had the cutest little set-ups for teachers already put together! I grabbed one for each of Mason's teachers. They had so many flavors and designs to choose from!

Teacher Appreciation Gift

{T H R E E} Thanks for helping me GROW this year! 

I bought a couple of really cute succulents, some flower seeds and a pair of gardening gloves from Lowe's and put them in a cute little bucket!

Teacher Appreciation Gift

{F O U R} I won the LOTTO having you for a teacher.

Grab a couple of lottery tickets and some candy bars and you're set. I picked up 100 Grand and Payday to go with the theme. Mason is hoping big that his teachers win something!!

Teacher Appreciation Gift

{F I V E} Thanks for an A-MASON year!

On the 5th and final day of Teacher Appreciation week we got Mason's teachers a Hobby Lobby gift card, a pocket Thank You card, and I made them a little ornament. I put the gift cards in a Mason Jar holder. I like to do something incorporating a Mason jar each year...I'm sure you can guess why! So this worked out perfectly. I thought the ornament was a fun little trinket they could keep.

Teacher Appreciation Gift
Teacher Appreciation Gift

One of Mason's teachers has 2 young boys. Mason asked if we could give the boys a little gift. He was thinking maybe a hot wheel or something, but I wanted something that said "HELLO SUMMER!" And, what says that better than water balloons and pop-its??

Teacher Appreciation Gift

What are you giving your teachers this year?

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