{Mother's Day weekend}

Happy Monday! I hope all of you mamas had a really great Mother's Day weekend! We had a fabulous weekend filled with so much family time. Friday and Saturday were pretty much a rainy mess, but Sunday was gorgeous. Here's a look at our weekend.

I worked all day on Friday, but Nate was home so that was nice. My co-worker was out so I was actually working for two that day. It was a pretty calm and quiet day, which I appreciated. After work, Nathan, Mason and I went out to dinner at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants. While we were there we got a call from our sister in law saying they got keys to their new home if we wanted to come to see it! So, we ate a little quicker than we normally would have so that we could get to their house! They signed all of the paperwork on Friday and got the keys the same day. They were ecstatic and we were so incredibly happy for them. How cute are they?

That evening Mason wanted to stay with his Nana and Papa for a bit. He loves staying at their house. So Nate and I got out to do a little shopping. We ended up running into a college friend and spent almost an hour catching up with him and his wife.

Saturday morning we all slept in until after 10:00 am. It's been a while since we have done that and it was glorious. We woke up to a torrential downpour. I had Mother's Day errands to run so I had to get out in the mess. I timed things just right though and missed the crowds somehow. Every time I was at a check-out I would look back to see a swarm of people. I grabbed some lunch and came back home. We decided to get out later that evening and go to visit my parents. They had just gotten home from a 6-day cruise. We had a nice visit and then went to supper with them.

Sunday was Sunday School & Church. Mason's best friend got baptized and it was such a special time. The message was amazing and they handed out the sweetest gifts to all the moms. We got to love on some sweet babies during church which was a bonus!

After church, we headed straight to my Granny's house. We wanted to have one last Mother's Day there before her house goes on the market. It was so bittersweet being there without her. She is missed immensely, but we all know that she's in a better place.

After visiting with my family for a while we came back home to change out of church clothes before going to Nate's parent's house for a Mother's Day supper. But not before I grabbed some pictures of Mason and me.

I shared a little bit of my heart on Instagram...

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You didn’t have to, but You did. That’s what I tell God every single time I look at this sweet and precious face. I am forever thankful for the gift of motherhood and that God delights in giving us the desires of our hearts. But as much as I celebrate this day, I also feel overwhelmed with sadness. My heart aches for those longing to be a mama. I have felt the weight of the wait and the longing for these arms to be filled. I have felt the sting of emptiness. I have felt loss and I have felt heartache. You are not alone. My prayer is that you will keep expectant hearts and keep standing on the promises of God. He is working all things for your good. He will restore you and transform you with his extravagant love if only you let Him. If I can pray for you in any way, I would be honored. ♥️
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Then we went to Nate's parent's house for supper. We had a great time visiting with the family and playing with our baby nephew. He's so much fun!

And while we're talking about Mother's Day I have to post about my sweet boy and what he made me at school. He brought it home on Thursday with the intention of giving it to me on Sunday. But, in true Mason form, he couldn't wait for Sunday. He actually wanted me to open it on the way home, but I talked him into waiting until we got at home. Homemade gifts will forever be my favorite. I love how much thought and intention he puts into these little gifts! I am so, so thankful for this precious boy and his sweet little soul.

Happy Monday! Hope it's a good week.

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