{2018 Fall Bucket list // Update 2}

Okay, I have to be honest and say that I am in full on CHRISTMAS mode now! The day after Halloween just flips that switch for me. Don't worry, we still celebrate Thanksgiving {and we celebrate it good} I just want to enjoy my Christmas decorations a little bit longer. Anyhow, we really did have a fun fall season checking things off of our 2018 fall bucketlist. We did have quite the rainy October in which it rained more often than not. You can imagine how much of a damper that put on our Fall activities. Here is a look at what we have accomplished so far.

SIX | Camp at Mitchell Resort for Halloween Happenings

SEVEN | BOO Friends

EIGHT | New Halloween Books

NINE | Have our annual Hocus Pocus Move Night

TEN | Visit the Pumpkin Patch

ELEVEN | Pick out a costume

TWELVE | Carve or Decorate pumpkins

THIRTEEN | Vist the Texas State Fair

FOURTEEN | Take Mason Trick or Treating

FIFTEEN | Make a fall shirt or two

SIXTEEN | Make Halloween Treats and here

SEVENTEEN | Go to a Haunted House

Activities completed:
🍃 Decorate the house for fall
🍃 Camp at Mitchell Resort for their Halloween Happenings
🍃 Boo some friends
🍃 Make a fall wreath for the front door
🍃 Order new Halloween/Fall themed books
🍃 Have a Hocus Pocus movie night
🍃 Make fall crafts
🍃 Take some fall family pictures
🍃 Visit the pumpkin patch
🍃 Decorate the porch
🍃 Pick out costumes
🍃 Carve or decorate pumpkins
🍃 Visit the Texas State Fair
🍃 Take Mason Trick or Treating
🍃 Go camping
🍃 Drink a PSL
🍃 Make a new fall themed shirt or two
🍃 Make Halloween treats
🍃 Take Mason to a Haunted House

Will Complete in November:
🍃 Complete our Thankful jar & tree
🍃 Go to the fall fiesta at Mason's school
🍃 Go to a football game
🍃 Take a scenic fall drive
🍃 Hang lights in the back of the Jeep for a date night

Activites that will not happen due to the large amounts of rain we've had:
🍃 Invite friends over for a fire/marshmallow roasting
🍃 Go on a nature walk / nature scavenger hunt
🍃 Go on a hayride
🍃 Run through a corn maze

🍃 Visit Mainstay Farm

Activites that will not happen because I didn't look at a calendar beforehand to see they all fell on the same weekend that we were at Mitchell Resort! 
🍃 Go to the Zoo & maybe Boo at the Zoo
🍃 Go to the Texas Country Reporter Festival
🍃 Go to Jefferson TX for the Haunted train ride

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