{Five on Friday // Thanksgiving Lunch, Deckin' the Halls, Wedding}

Happy Friday!! Other than a scheduled blog post on Wednesday I have been MIA around here. It's been crazy, Y'all!! We literally had something going on every day of the week. And, now that the holidays are near it's not going to slow down any time soon. I'm sure you can relate. Anyhow, here's a small glimpse of what we've been up to this week...

{O N E} // Mason had a Thanksgiving lunch at school. 
I loved seeing him in a little Indian headband that he made earlier that day. I remember doing the exact same thing as a child. Choosing either a Pilgrim or an Indian and making a headdress. The luncheon went really smooth and we had a great time. Mason asked me to bring him a lunch because he's not much a fan of a Thanksgiving lunch. So, he ate his lunch from home and I enjoyed the Thanksgiving lunch! I thought it was pretty good. I got to bring Mason home with me after lunch. We were both so excited. On the way out we saw the most colorful tree in front of the Art room and had to take a picture.

{T W O} // Deckin' the Halls
Since Mason came home early with me that day we decided to deck our halls. We always take a picture together in these Santa hats before we begin! It's become one of my favorite little things we do. We decorated the house minus the Christmas tree. We have to go to the farm to get a real one and that normally doesn't happen until after Thanksgiving!

{T H R E E} // My baby brother got married
Yesterday my baby brother married his soulmate! They had an intimate little service at the Justice of the Peace and then had a nice dinner afterward! The ceremony was beautiful and the judge that married them was awesome! It made my heart so happy to see them all so happy!

{F O U R} // My Forever wedding date
Yesterday as we were snapping a few selfies I couldn't help but be overcome with gratitude that this guy is my forever wedding date! I'm such a lucky gal!

{F I V E} // Polar Express
This weekend is our Polar Express weekend!!! We are so excited and can't wait to board that train! I will have a full recap next week!!

Happy weekend!

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