{Annual Hocus Pocus Movie Night // 2018}

Happy Tuesday!! This weekend Mason and I got to have our annual Hocus Pocus movie night!! And Nathan joined us, too. We had planned on doing it Friday evening but forgot that we had a wedding to go to. Then we planned it for Saturday evening but our Bible Study ran a little long. So then we finally had it on Sunday evening! It actually ended up being perfect. I was able to make treats throughout the day and take my time preparing. And Mason had Monday off school, so, again, perfect!

We started the evening with a Jack O Lantern Pizza from Papa Johns. I saw on a Facebook ad earlier in the day that they were offering these specialty pizzas and I knew it would be the perfect start to our Hocus Pocus movie night. I had the pizza delivered at 6:00 pm that evening. I should have ordered it a little earlier because we had full bellies by the time we started the movie leaving little room for the treats we made!

I made witches hat cookies and cookies with the eye from the book in the movie. And I made some green slimy popcorn as well as regular popcorn. And we had candy corn in little cauldrons. And a good ol' witches brew for a drink {just grape soda! ha}.

Mason and I put on our festive Halloween pajamas like we do every year! I found this cute witch pajama shirt at Walmart. If you move the sequins one way it says good witch and if you move them the opposite way they say bad witch.

We watched our movie snuggled on the couch in the dark with only the glow of a few Jack O Lanterns and our witches hat! We had such a great evening and fall in love with the movie more and more each time. And each year I love this little tradition of ours more and more.

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