{Currently // November Edition}

Happy Wednesday! It's time to link up with Anne for Currently; November Edition. Today we are sharing all about what we are appreciatingresearchingpostinggetting, and cooking.

Appreciating | Oh gosh, so many things! The fall colors, my husband, all of the blessings God continues to pour on my sweet family, the love and support of our church family, the cooler weather in Texas, the break from the rain, 

Researching | Christmas gifts for people! It's right around the corner, yo! And all the rules for a giveaway. Nathan and I are teaming up with some good friends for a big Christmas giveaway. Stay tuned! 

Posting | From Halloween straight to Christmas on the good ol' IG. That's just how I roll. Once Halloween is over I am all about Christmas. I still love Thanksgiving, but I love to enjoy Thanksgiving while looking at my Christmas decor! And trying to get caught up/ahead on blog posts. I know with the holidays coming up it's going to get busy and I need to make a good blogging calendar. 

Getting | Excited for the holidays! I just love Christmas so dang much. I love the spirit of Christmas and reading scripture every single day with Mason about our Dear Savior! I also love making things magical for my precious family and creating as many memories as we possibly can. From Polar Express train ride to the Grinch's Lair, the Christmas tree farm and Christmas parade, Elf on the Shelf, visiting Bethlehem, going to candlelight service, and having a Christmas tree campout, , ...I love it all! Mason is only little once and I know that one day I will miss this. Now is now and time is fleeting. When he's older I can only hope and pray that he does this for his family. And that when he thinks back to the holidays he has nothing but warm memories in his heart and the biggest smile on his face. And that he knows that we tried to make every single moment count and that we always pointed him back to Jesus. Christmastime is the best time of the year and 1 month is just not enough! Plus, everything is better by the glow of the Christmas tree and twinkle lights. 

Cooking | Soups, chilis, and all things in the crockpot! 

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