{Pinterest to Project // vol. 6 // DIY Ribbon Skirt for Elf on the Shelf}

In all seriousness, what did we do before Pinterest? I've always considered myself a crafty person, but Pinterest just takes it to a whole new level. Last year an 'elf in training' was brought to our family for the Christmas season. Max was showing her the ropes on being an Elf on the Shelf, but after such a fun time with our family, Millie decided she wanted to become a permanent elf of Mason's. We were so excited she wanted to stay! Millie is a sassy little thing and always calls herself "Princess Millie". And, we all know that a Princess needs special clothing. I turned to Pinterest to find her something special. I came across this adorable DIY Ribbon skirt and decided to turn this Pin into a Project!

This particular project didn't cost me anything. I already had tons of ribbon on hand. So I just went through and picked out four that I liked for our Millie girl.

A variety of ribbon
your elf to measure the skirt

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around your elf and still have enough to tie a bow.
Cut the rest your ribbon into equal lengths depending on how long you want the skirt. I cut ours into 5.5 inch strips.
Start tieing your ribbon around that first piece you cut alternating the different ribbons

That's it! So easy and so cute.

Hall Around Texas DIY Elf on the Shelf Ribbon Skirt

Happy Elf season!!!

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