{2018 Pumpkin Patch #1}

If you've been around my blog for any length of time you would know that Pumpkin Patches are totally our jam. Do you know how many we have been to so far this season? One. ONE. It's basically been raining almost every day of this month so far. It's really cramping my October style. Anyhow, the little pumpkin patch we went to was a church that sells them as a fundraiser. Mason and I went when he was off for a Fair Day. They don't have anyone attending the pumpkin patch during the day and use an honor system. Mason and I took a bunch of pictures and he picked out all the best pumpkins. This patch is right next to Nathan's Grandma's assisted living facility so Mason picked out a pumpkin for her and we took it over to her and visited for a while. We had the best time and we barely beat the rain!! I'm so glad we were able to get this little pumpkin patch date in because it may be the only one we get this season! (cue all the tears) Get ready to see all of these on the ol' gram for the rest of the month!

Mason was such a trooper and obliged to every photo I wanted to take! Oh and I should mention that he's still in his sports glasses in these pictures and he got a haircut after these pictures were taken. We didn't have time to do the haircut before because of the storm that heading our way! He's such a cutie and just melts my heart!

Have you gotten to visit the pumpkin patch yet?

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