{Prime Purchases // October edition}

Happy Prime Purchase day! I love seeing all of these posts and getting a peek into what everyone has bought lately. Ya know, just in case I am totally missing out on something. In my last Prime Purchase post, I hadn't bought much at all. Well, I more than made up for it within the last month. Here's a look at what I bought...

ONE | Illustrated Faith Bible Tabs
My current tabs in my bible were starting to fall apart, so a refresh was needed. And, how cute are these?

I've been needing these for a while for when I section my hair off for styling or braiding. This is more than I will ever need, but they were cheap enough!

I have seen these pop-up on so many beauty channels lately, but I was a skeptic. Well, I ordered them and now I am a firm believer. They're great for getting all of that peach fuzz off your face! And your make-up glides on so much better. 

I bought these for a project I'm making for our church's annual fish fry and craft & bake sale. I'm putting the cutest little farmhouse sayings on them to sell at the sale! They are coming out so cute and I'm in love. Now I want to order more and make myself some!! 

FIVE | Rhythm Sticks
Mason and I ordered these for a project. We used them to make DIY Harry Potter wands! 

This was something Nate needed for the 1985 Jeep CJ7. 

SEVEN | Shock Bushings
Another thing Nate needed for the CJ. You can find anything on Amazon!!

We ordered this for Homecoming week. One of the dress-up days was twins day and he and his friend chose to dress up as Harry Potter! 

This is for another craft that I haven't yet made! I will share soon.

I bought this for an outdoor garden wedding we have next month. It's so adorable and affordable!! 

Is it just us, or do you go through charger cords like crazy? I don't know what happens to ours. But, this was a lighting deal one day this week and I got all four for like $6 bucks. 

TWELVE | Kids Ugly Christmas Sweater 
This was another purchase for Homecoming dress-up week at Mason's school!

THIRTEEN | Kids Hawaiian shirt
And again, another purchase for HoCo week. 

What have you bought lately? Anything I am totally missing out on?

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