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Happy Friday Friends! Linking up with Darci for Five on Friday.

{O N E}

Lovin' life lately! I feel like we are in a really good place all the way around. It send my hear soaring. Wednesday I had a lunch meeting with my director, coworker and the owner of our company. He was in from Seattle for some meetings and wanted to take us to lunch. I left there feeling so good. So good to work for a company of such integrity! Our owner works to put out only the best and has actual values. Says a lot these days when most companies are about the numbers and money. Such a creditable company. I just can't say enough good things about it. And the opportunity to work from home just makes me love it that much more. Anyhow, as I was thinking about this I started thinking about other areas of our lives and how I am just in love with life right now. All Glory be to God!

{T W O}

Mason had his second gymnastics this week and it was 110% better than the week before. We had a different coach {a team coach} and she was stern with them and made them listen. You can imagine 2 three year old boys in one class! The coach made them do each station until they did it right and understand what they were doing. Just in the 55 minutes of being in the class they learned so much and were doing things on their own. Mason is loving it! And like my friend {mom of Mason's friend in class} said, "if nothing, we are paying $60 a month to get a really good laugh"!! That's the truth!

{T H R E E}

Mason's new school is still going really well. I feel like it's the place that God has called us to be! Everything just feels good and feels right about it. Mason is having fun, learning a lot and absolutely adores his teacher. Praise Jesus!!!

{F O U R}

I got the slide on my .9mm pistol done. Turquoise of course. I am in love with it. The picture below doesn't do it justice...it's more turquoise than it looks. Actually the paint is called Tiffany Blue.

{F I V E}

I planned a spontaneous trip for us this weekend. I emailed Nate and said, I have a weekend trip planned. Just say the magic word and I'll book it. He said "BOOK IT"!!! and so I did! Hill Country here we come.......

Gonna check a lot of things off our Texas Bucket list for sure!

What do you have planned for the weekend? What's on your Friday Five?


  1. I just died. Your 9mm is awesome and I am in love with it! Now no one will mistake who's gun that is!!

  2. Love how cute Mason is in gymnastics class!


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