It's that time of the month when we link up with Anne In Residence for the "currently" series. This month we are sharing what we are currently cookingphotographingsharingtrying, and wondering

Cooking //
Trying to cook more at home and more healthy-ish! We were doing so good at cooking at home almost every weeknight and then we went on vacation. Came back to no plan, no groceries, and no will power whatsoever. Vacation kind of ruins you in that way!

Photographing //
Everything and anything! Haha! Do you even know me? I have OPT (obsessive picture taking) syndrome. Self-diagnosed! Lately, I've been taking pictures of sunflower fields, our porch, sunsets. etc. And in case you're curious, my camera roll on my phone is well over 18k right now.  Lately, on IG I've been posting pictures from our most recent beach trip. 

Sharing //
As much positivity as I can. The world can surely use more of that right now! I'm 100% more attracted to positive posts rather than all the crazy being shared these days. 

Trying //
To shed some pounds before my brother and sister in law's wedding in October. I am the Matron of Honor and have to squeeze into a dress! Quarantine was definitely not the best thing to happen right before you're in a wedding! haha. Also, we are hoping and praying that this wedding gets to happen the way they wish. The governor has started to close somethings back down in Texas and limiting the # of people at gatherings. 

Wondering //
When this crazy world is going to go back to normal! For a while, Texas opened back up and we didn't hear much about Covid-19. And now things are starting to shut back down and people are talking about cases rising. I don't watch the news. I just can't. But, I do read research and such. So much controversy and I'm just over it. It's best to wear a mask...masks  are worse than not wearing one. Cases are rising...no, it's just that more tests are available. Cases are rising...no, it's just being mis-reported. Etc. So, which is it? Ugh! Jesus be near! 

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