{Weekend Wrap-up // Screams, Oklahoma, Rest day}

Happy Tuesday! I was off yesterday (Hallelujah!) and spent the day with my sweet little love. He had no school because of a fair day, so I took off too! We had a nice day together. I'll recap that soon, but for now, I want to recap our weekend. We had a great family filled weekend!

Friday I worked and it was my last day to cover for a co-worker. I couldn't get that day over with fast enough. It had been a crazy busy week and I was over it. We picked up some pictures from Walgreens and some pumpkins from Brookshire Brothers. Our first set of real pumpkins this year! They had the fairytale pumpkins for only $5 each. I had to grab a couple!

That evening we went to a local haunted house because we had won some tickets. Mason had been asking us to go this year, so we took him. He did great at the beginning. He asked to take pictures with several of the characters and was excited & anxious to go in. That all changed pretty quickly! We got in line for our first haunted house (there are 5 total at this location) and the lady creeped him out. We drug him in the door of the haunted hotel and he was like nope, hard pass. Turned around and walked back out! ha! He just couldn't do it. I was so surprised because this child is all about scaring people and creepy stuff! So, we didn't do any of the haunted houses. We walked around the grounds (which is really neat) and played some games and then called it a night!

After bailing on the haunted house we went to Target to see their adult Halloween costume selection. It may have been a total bust, but it was worth it to get this picture! My two monkeys!!

Saturday morning I woke up a little early to make some blueberry muffins for my crew. Then we hit the road bound for Oklahoma. It had been a while since we visited Nate's Grandpa, so we rounded up the troops and went. It did my heart so good to see Nate's Grandpa so happy! He just adores Mason and it melts me. We got a 4 generation photo while we were there!

While everyone else headed back home we decided to check out a bit more of Oklahoma first. We were going to go to Arbuckle Wilderness, but we only had an hour before they closed. Bummer! So we drove to Tishomingo instead. Miranda Lambert used to have a boutique there, but sadly it has closed. It was an adorable little town! We got to see a bit of fall foliage on the way. We also checked out a lake while we were there. It was so nice!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day for us. I woke up feeling like I caught a head cold. I didn't feel good at all. We opted to stay in from church so that I could rest. I took a 2 hour nap that day and it was glorious. That evening Nate's parents invited us over for supper and then we all played a game of Monopoly, but for our town. It was so neat!!

How was your weekend?

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