{Five on Friday // Hallow lunch treats, Lauren Daigle, Pink Jeep, glorious skies}

Happy Friday!! This week went by pretty fast for me (no complaints here!). I had Monday off and I have today off. I could really get used to working only three days a week and having every Monday and Friday off. If only. I'm still getting over some terrible allergies/head cold, but feeling much better. Anyhow, here's a little bit of what we have been up to this week.

{O N E} // Friday Moooooves
I mean, isn't this how we all feel about it being Friday?? Those silly Fortnite dances and Boomerang collide...

Mason dancing from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

{T W O} // Halloween Lunch Treats
I thought I would make some fun little treats to throw into Mason's lunches to mix things up and to put a little smile on his face. I started with these grape/marshmallow Frankenstein cups and some ghost marshmallow bags. He loved them! I can't wait to find more fun ideas to make.

{T H R E E} // Lauren Daigle Concert
I think I mentioned on the blog before that my amazing husband got us concert tickets to see Lauren Daigle! He completely took it upon himself to get us tickets and surprised me with them. And he went way above and beyond and scored us suite tickets and VIP parking! Mercy, I love that man! Anyhow, that concert was last night. Since I'm writing this post on Thursday I don't have much to say yet, but you can bet I will have a full recap soon! Lauren Daigle is my most favorite Christian artist and I just adore her. I saw her two years ago at the Bombfactory in Dallas and she was amazing. I can't wait to share this night with my boys.

{F O U R} // Pink Jeep...
I joined in with a bunch of other Jeep girls in turning our Jeeps pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. I'm kind of liking this pink Jeep thing. I've always wanted a turquoise one, but a pink isn't so bad either.

{F I V E} // Sunsets and Sunrises..
We've had tons of storms and rain here lately. And while it's been less than ideal, the skies after the storm have been so beautiful. It's like a gentle and lovely little reminder from our Heavenly Father. That no matter how big the storm He will always be there for us.

And in case you missed it...posts from this week.

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Happy weekend, friends! Have an amazing one.

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