{Our marriage secrets // What works for us}

Nathan and I recently celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and on November 1st we will celebrate our 22nd year together. When people hear how long we have been together and see that we are still crazy in love we get questions like "how?" or "what are your secrets?" and even "and you're still happy?" And the answer is yes, we are still happy! Today I am going to share all of our secrets with you!

1.) GOD - first and foremost! Not only did he so perfectly design me for Nate and Nate for me, but when you put God first everything else just seems to fall into place. Put him at the center of your relationship. Take everything to God in prayer and pray for your spouse. Pray together.

2.) Communicate - about everything and anything! Even those mundane parts of your life...talk about it! Your spouse is there to listen, to offer up support and to uplift you. When you communicate, less is left to guess!

3.) Make time for each other and for intimacy. God made husband and wife to share those intimate times together. I know it's hard at the end of the day when it feels like the kids zapped every last bit of energy from you and you feel like you have nothing left to give. But do it. Make time. It's so important in a relationship. It will make you two so much closer and feel more like a husband and a wife rather than just a mom and a dad.

4.) You're on the same team - always! Especially when it comes to the kids. Discuss in private how you want to parent, compromise with one another and put that plan into action. When both parents are on the same page it makes parenting a lot easier and sets a clear answer for the kids. Less stress. Less arguments. Less headaches. More victories!

5.) Laugh - be silly and have fun! It keeps things lively in a relationship. And after all, laughter is the best medicine.

Hold hands, kiss, grab each other's butts, and love like crazy! And remember that your children are learning all about marriage by the example you set before them. Show them how amazing marriage is and how to love your spouse!

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