{Pinterest to Project // vol. 4 // DIY Harry Potter Wand}

I am still movin' and groovin' on this Pinterest to Project thing. It's been so fun to watch these pins come to life. In case you missed my first three posts (DIY Fall Door Hanger , DIY Tin Can Pumpkins, DIY Farmhouse Shower Curtain} I started a Pinterest to Project series here on my blog where I share with you some of the pins that I've turned into actual projects. I have way too many things saved that I want to do!! Today I am sharing a DIY Harry Potter Wand that Mason and I made together. Mason has a dress-up day coming up at school where he gets to wear a Harry Potter robe & shirt and take his wand.

My inspiration was this pin. I had an idea of how to make them, but used the pin to make sure I had my plan right!

Drumsticks - $4.98 with Amazon Prime
Paint - had on hand - used a metallic gold and a hammered steel color
Hot glue gun and glue

This project doesn't require many materials at all! Again, we had most of the materials on hand. I only had to order 1 thing - the drumsticks. I've seen people use free chopsticks from Chinese food places before or even a stick from outside and those turn out great too! We wanted something a little more durable and heavier so I ordered some drumsticks. They were cheap enough.

How I created the project:

I had Mason hold and twirl the drumstick while I added the hot glue to it. He tried using the glue gun, but the trigger was too hard for him to push. So, he was happy with holding the drumstick. We added a ton of glue to the handle until we had a design we were happy with. Once the glue completely dried we took it to the garage and spray painted it. We used a hammered gunmetal color with a splash of metallic gold. Those colors just seemed like 'magical' colors to us. Since there were two drumsticks I let Mason have free reigns of the other one! We let the wands dry for a full day. All in all, it was an easy and quick project and we love the outcome!

What was your latest Pinterest Project?

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