{Five on Friday // Mason's haircut, Hocus Pocus, Spirit Stick, Lunchbox Notes}

Happy Friday! What a week it has been. Temps in the 40s and rain. So.much.rain. I am over it. We have a couple of things going on this weekend that will get us out of the house. To say that I am looking forward to it is an understatement. I think I've got a bit of cabin fever. Rainy, dreary, gloomy cabin fever. Tonight we have a wedding for our Youth Pastor and his fiance and tomorrow we have Bible study with our small group. I am looking forward to both events. Tonight is a date night for Nathan and me because Mason is going to his Grandparents while we got to the wedding. Can't wait to date my man! Anyhow, here's a bit of what our week looked like.

{O N E} Haircut
My boy got a haircut, finally! He is one of those that hate's going, but then loves it when he gets there. ha! Anyhow, I always love how the hairstylists remember him because of his cow-lick and also for his gift of gab! He loves talking to those ladies. After this particular cut, his stylist told me, "I just love your kid. He's so funny and sweet!" I replied with a thank you and commented on how much he loves to talk. She said they love that over kids that won't talk at all. Anyhow, he looks adorable with his fresh cut.

{T W O} Mod Pizza
We tried a new pizza place this week and it was fabulous. It's called Mod pizza and they offer 11" pizzas with over 30 different toppings you can choose from. Price is the same no matter how many toppings you get. Nathan got some meat lovers things and I got a cheese with pineapples. It was delicious! We'll be going back.

{THREE} Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups
So, I think I've mentioned a time or two on this blog about all of the rain we're getting {haha!} and it's really cramping our style. By now we would have already visited 2, maybe 3 pumpkin patches. But, since that couldn't happen I made us some pumpkin patch dirt cups to drown our sorrows in.

{FOUR} Hocus Pocus Movie Night
Mason and I plan on having our Hocus Pocus movie night this weekend! We look forward to this night each year. We get in our Halloween pajamas, make some Halloween themed treats and watch our favorite movie! I found these cute little Hocus Pocus themed decorations at Target in the dollar spot and I think I squealed out loud. There is a little flickering light in the witch's hat. I mean...

So cute, right?

{F I V E} Spirit Stick
At Mason's school, they do this thing with "spirit sticks". They watch classes over the cameras and then pick a class or two to hold the spirit stick. Well, Mason's class won a spirit stick and they got to pick out a prize. Mason got a new game for his DS. He was so excited and couldn't believe he got such an awesome prize at his school! He wanted me to take pictures.

{BONUS} Lunchbox Notes
I write Mason lunchbox notes every single day and recently I started drawing him pictures. He wants to keep every single note that I give him but by the time they get home they are in no shape for keeping. Well, I was in my home office the other day and found a stack of little notebooks and a lightbulb went off. I could write Mason's notes in it each day and put it in a ziplock to keep it from the elements. Then he could keep the little notebooks. Well, on the first day he wrote me a letter back. Be still my heart...

He drew me something pumpkin related because he knows how much I love them!! Such a sweet boy, that one. I am so blessed.

Well friends, have a great weekend. Be blessed and go walk in your purpose.

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