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My sweet new blog friend Britt posted a 'Three Things' post recently and it reminded me that it's been a long while since I have written a three things post! It's such a fun way to catch up on some randomness going on over here! So, here are our three things right now...

o n e  | he is doing so well in school lately! I know it's only been a week since he started back after Christmas break, but even before the break he was doing so well. His academics are taking flight and his testing scores have blown our minds. He brought home an A/B report card last week. His one and only B was in his strongest subject, so I am not all that worried. I think this is just a case where ADHD won this round. When he knows something so well he feels like he doesn't need to put it on paper. It's in his brain and that's where it needs to be according to him! And because of this he rushes through papers, leaves questions blank and his handwriting is not legible. We're working on that. Anywho, we are so dang proud of him. He also scored pretty high on his Imagine Learning testing. He has already tested out of many areas and seems to be excelling as a whole. For the Benchmark Test Literacy, his score was 2270 - which is a 5th Grade level. 2318 jumps to 6th grade, so he's pretty close. On his Oral Vocabulary, he scored a 1363 which says 'advanced'. That one tops out at 1375. Mercy, he amazes me.

t w o  | he just went through a major growth spurt. It's funny because I never realize we are in a growth spurt until we are almost through with it. You'd think by now I'd know the signs; sleeping a lot, night terrors, eating a ton, and so much attitude. Oh, the attitude. His feet are also growing. We had to buy him new shoes! Time please slow down!!!

t h r e e  | he is absolutely loving Basketball, especially the games. He doesn't love practices, but I can't blame him one bit. So.much.running. It's fun to watch him on the court. He is learning more each game and becoming more confident each time he steps out on the court. I am so proud of him considering it started out pretty rocky.

o n e  | We've been spending so much time at home lately and it's been so dang good for me. Don't get me wrong, I love to go and do things away from the house with my family, but sometimes it's just nice to be at home. To just be. When we got home from our Beaver's Bend trip (which was so incredibly nice) I just craved time at home and home cooked meals. We got into such a bad habit of eating out or eating fast food for convenience reasons. It will wear on you before long. So, I made sure to order lots of meals on my last grocery order. That way we have plenty of options each night and don't just fall to fast food because what we have doesn't sound good on that particular night. It's worked because I have cooked every meal at home since that trip with the exception of Friday and Saturday night. Friday we let Mason pick supper because he did so well at practice. He chose Applebees. And Saturday evening we went to dinner with friends!

t w o  | I've found my blogging mojo that I lost towards the end of last year. I'm feeling motivated and inspired lately and I love it. Right now I am in catch-up mode, blogging all of our recent happenings and the holidays, but I can't wait to get ahead and get somewhat of a blogging schedule down. I've got a good core of link-ups I want to join each month, a few different posts I want to post each month and days to just post what we're up to.

t h r e e  | I have fallen in love with the tv show Nashville all over again. SPOILER ALERT - if you haven't watched season five of Nashville then don't read ahead. But, I stopped watching the episode right before Rayna dies. I knew it was happening because of social media and I just couldn't do it. I refused to watch it anymore. I was angry because #raynaanddeaconforever UGH! Anyhow, I saw a recent preview of the new season and I just had to jump back in the saddle. I'm only a few episodes in since the tragic death of Rayna, but so far I am loving it. And I will continue to watch because dang, I've missed Deacon! Anyone else a fan of Charles Esten?

o n e  | He recently had a job opportunity that would have been a signficant raise with a nice little "Supervisor" title, but kindly declined the offer. After much prayer God clearly sent so many affirmations that Nathan is where he's supposed to be at this time in our lives! Money isn't everything and happiness is so important. I'm so proud of him for taking the time to really pray about it and to watch for God to show him signs of where to go! The very thought of God leading and directing us takes my breath away. I am so thankful for His guidance.

t w o  | I've been joking with him about going through a midlife crisis lately. He's found joy in playing Xbox and has been listening to some crazy music. ha! We've had so much downtime lately and have spent a lot of time at home. So, the boys have been playing a lot of Xbox.

t h r e e  | He's gearing up for a season of kayak fishig tournaments. The first one is mid February. While I am excited for him, I'd be lying if I said these tournaments didn't make me nervous. Him on a kayak on a huge lake! Praying the Lord places a hedge of protection around him {and all of the other kayakers}.

What three things would you share?

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