{The Grinch // Palestine, TX}

I've been in such a "New Years" fog that I completely forgot I have Christmas posts to catch up on! Or maybe I have just been putting them off because I know everyone is pretty much over "Christmas" at this point. But, alas, I want these posts on the blog! If you remember...way back in November we made a trip to Palestine +  Rusk Texas to kick off our Christmas season with a trip to the Polar Express and to visit our most favorite Grinch! It's hands-down one of our favorite weekends of the entire year.

We make this trip with Nathan's parents and camp in their RV for the weekend. I mentioned before that camping in the fall is my favorite time to camp and this place is a big reason why! There is just something about the piney woods and color change that makes my heart flutter! And then you add in the Polar Express and The Grinch and BOOM - Magic!! I love that we kick off our Christmas season in such a special and magical way!!

Saturday morning we woke up to the cutest breakfast that Nate's mom had made. GRINCH KABOBS!!

After breakfast, we headed out from Rusk to Palestine to visit with our favorite Grinch. We pulled up to the Haunted Little Jail (where they set up the Grinch's Lair) and just about fell out of the Jeep! This is what we saw:

I mean, we knew that they were using my picture of Mason for their promotional items, but we just didn't expect it to be on a huge sign like this. I thought postcards for sure, but this was a surprise. And so freakin' cool! Mason was amazed as well. He just kept laughing and giggling. We went in and the lady recognized who we were and gave us our free tickets into the Grinch's Lair, We got there pretty close to opening so the Grinch was still getting ready. We had to wait a bit, but we didn't mind at all. In the meantime, we looked around, visited with some Who's and Mason made his Santa list. He couldn't think of a single thing he wanted so he wrote "surprise me" on his list!

And then the Grinch came out! He recognized Mason right away and they resumed their 'best friends' status immediately. They took several pictures together and caught up. They ran all over the lair and had a good ol' time. The Grinch really caters to Mason when he's there and I know it makes our sweet boy feel so special.

And then The Grinch asked Mason if there were any other pictures he wanted to take and Mason asked him to come outside to the Jeep! The Grinch was all over that. He even set up all the shots and told Mason what to do!

Until next time Mr. Grinch...

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