{Our Newest Adventure // Basketball}

Way back in the middle of 2017 Mason told us he would like to play Basketball. He plays often in the gym at our church on Wednesdays and Sunday mornings before Sunday school. So, we waited until the next time we could sign him up and did so. We went with the league in the town where he goes to school and church. That way he could play with and against all of his friends. We thought he would enjoy it more knowing kids on his team. He was lucky enough to get on a team with several of his best friends!!

Before I go any further let me preface this by saying that any time Mason tells us he wants to do something new and different it comes with much excitement, but also much stress. Team sports are difficult and often overwhelming for a child with ADHD. And most of the time Mason will do something once and be done with it, feeling like has 'already done it'. For example, he will go to practice once and then feel like he 'did' Basketball and it's time to move on. If that makes sense. However, we'd never let our fear of that keep him from doing something he wants to do. We pray about it and hope for the best.

Anyhow, we signed him up and on the same team as many of his really close friends. Our first practices began back in December and went pretty well. I could tell quickly that Mason wasn't a fan of all the running. But, who is? And they run so many drills that I imagine is hard for a 7-year-old. I don't think I could do it! ha. But, he didn't say much. Until Tuesday night practice before his first 2 games. He sat out the entire time and cried. He said things like he hated basketball and wanted to quit. That he was disappointed because he thought he would like it more. "And so it begins" was mine and Nathan's first reaction. Only because we've been down this road before. But then we started to think about it and thought maybe he was just having a rough day. We have all been there and have all had days where we just didn't feel 'right'. We started talking to him about how everyone has bad days every now and then and that he had one more practice/chance to make things right before his first two games. He agreed and said he was going to give it another chance.

Friday rolls along and that little boy showed up to practice! I mean, he did so well. He did everything that was asked of him and with a good and positive attitude. I might even go as far as saying that little guy had a little hustle in him. Not common for him. Mason doesn't have a competitive bone in his body.

Then comes Saturday. Our first game was at 8:30 and so we had to get up at 7. Mason is not a morning person at all. Especially not on a Saturday. So he woke up with attitude, didn't want to get dressed and then cried the whole entire 10-minute drive to the games. He told us he just doesn't like basketball and wanted to quit. But, then he'd say things like he was nervous and didn't know what to do. We told him that quitting before the first games was not acceptable and that he was going to play. We got to the gym and at first he sat by himself sulking a little ways down from his team. We sat up a couple of rows to give him some space/time to clear his mind. Within five minutes or less he had scooted over by his team and was smiling and in good spirits! It came time for them to warm up/stretch and much to our surprise he was one of the first ones ready to go!

He got out there and he played! And? He had fun! After the first game he told us, "Well, that surprised me. I had so much more fun than I expected." And he was ready to play the second one. He did well for his first time playing and with how our morning started out. We were so proud of him for being able to clear his head and get in the right state of mind! We really enjoyed the games!

The games ended up getting behind and we were there from 8 until almost 12, but we enjoyed it. We knew many of the other kids/players on the teams in the games between ours and it was fun to watch them play.

We've had one practice since our games and Mason did well. He made a basket! We'll have another one tonight and then a game at 9:30 tomorrow. Praise Jesus for a later game time than last week.

Are your kids in any team sports right now?

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