{2017 Winter Bucket list // Update #2 // Christmas Tree Camp-out, Breakfast with Santa, Bethlehem Revisited}

Hall Around Texas 2017 Winter Bucketlist

We had so much fun checking things off of our 2017 Winter Bucket List! At our last Christmas bucket list check in we had already completed about 53% of our list. I am happy to report that we finished 100% of our list, plus some. Here's a look back at the things we did in December...

Hall Around Texas 2017 Winter Bucketlist

{NINE} Christmas movie camp-out in front of the Christmas tree //
OH MY WORD! This was so much fun. We always have a Christmas movie night every season, but this year we kicked it up a notch with a camp out by the Christmas tree! It was so magical and Mason kept saying how it's been one of his favorite things so far! We watched the Elf and enjoyed every single second of it. 

{TEN} Breakfast with Santa //
The high school was putting on a Breakfast with Santa fundraiser so we decided to go! Mason knew we weren't seeing the real Santa, but wanted to go anyhow. We bought tickets for the pancake breakfast, but then we got inside and saw the line. Mason asked if we could donate our tickets to a family because he didn't want to wait in line. So we did just that. Then we walked around to see all of the different booths. The only one Mason was interested in was the cookie making booth. So we did that and then we left. It was a good time and they had so many neat things to offer the community! The whole thing was decorated like "Who-ville" and I was so impressed with the artwork.

{ELEVEN} Visit Bethlehem Revisited //
This is one of our favorite events & traditions during the Christmas season! We went on an even that was super cold, but it was still enjoyable. This whole experience is so moving and I love to open Mason's eyes to how things were when Jesus was born! 

{TWELVE} Christmas Eve Candlelight Service //
This is by far one of my favorite Christmas time traditions!! The service is so beautiful and moving and I just love it so. This year Nathan's mom, dad and Grandmother joined us. It was so special and nice to have them there with us! Oh and our new neighbors/friends came too! What a blessing and honor to get to celebrate the dear birth of our Lord & Savior!!

{THIRTEEN} Complete a Christmas Bible Study//
I read through the She Reads Truth - Advent 2017: Joy to the World study. This app continuously blesses me! 

{FOURTEEN} Watch Santa video on Christmas Eve //
I don't have any pictures of us actually doing this because it was dark and we were in bed, but you can see my full post on the Portable North Pole H E R E. These videos are such a fun tradition and way to keep the magic alive.

{FIFTEEN} Bake cookies for Santa //
Mason and I made sugar cookies with yummy cream cheese icing! I think, I mean I know Santa thoroughly enjoyed them! We also left out carrots for the reindeer! Mason meticulously counted them and made sure they were all the same size for each of the reindeer. 

{EXTRAS} Build a gingerbread house, Set out Santa's magic key & the Inn Keeper's Key, Family Christmas Eve picture, Christmas Eve box, set out magic reindeer food, catch Santa in our house.

It was a good, good Christmas. Did you accomplish everything you hoped to do?


  1. Oh all the festiveness! Can’t miss a single thing and that’s like right after my own heart! I can’t believe it’s over!!

  2. You had so many fun things planned and you did so much to enjoy! I love that Mason donated your breakfast tickets too.

  3. Look at you crossing everything off the list! Such a magical time of year!

  4. Yall really rocked your list! That is awesome! I really like the camp out idea. :)

  5. It looks like you accomplished so much on your list! I love all the pictures!

  6. Y'all had such a fun Christmas season. I love the Jeep all light up for the parade. Those pics were way cool. I also love the pic of you, Nate, Mase and the pups on Christmas Eve. I bet thatthat re-visit of Bethlehem was beautiful and humbling. The pictures gave me chills thinking about Jesus and how life was so much different when we was born. Not only that but what His birthday means to us and his un-conditonal love. All the feels.

    I did the She Reads Truth devotional on my own last month and found it to be absolutely the best start to my days. It was humbling, beautiful and emotional.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!