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Joining my sweet friend, Erin for 10 on the 10th monthly link-up. This is such a fun link-up and I enjoy participating when I can. This month's theme is 10 random facts about me. Eeek! I am so terrible about coming up with things about myself. Especially when it comes to 10 things I've not shared on the blog before. I'm sure I've repeated myself.  I had to start this post way in advance so that as I thought of something I could jot it down. Here goes nothing...10 random facts about me.

o n e |  I am extremely tender-hearted/sensitive and cry at almost everything. I am not good about hiding my feelings at all. If something touches me the tears start flowing and I can't turn them off no matter how hard I try. Mason is just like me in this aspect.

t w o |  I am a total type A type kind of person, but with a gypsy soul & heart. I love to wander and explore, but with a little side of plans. Ha! Crazy, I know.

t h r e e |  being a mom and a wife is my calling. I am sure of it. As a child if you asked me what I wanted to be a Mom was always my first answer (followed by an Astronaut, and then a Teacher). I feel blessed that I get to do this. I get to be a wife and a mom. Thank you Jesus!!

f o u r |  the mountains are my happy place. The older I get the more I want to pack up and move to the mountains. I mentioned this out loud the other day and Mason was totally on board! Surprised the heck out of me. Nate even mentioned that they have a plant in CO that he could probably transfer to...hmm...

f i v e  |  I wanted S I X sons. Yes, six. I know, boys are loud, messy, and crazy , but they are so so full of love. I just always saw myself as a boy mom and I wanted a house full of them. Of course I would be happy with a gaggle of girls. Dang you infertility.

s i x  |  This month marks 3 years of trying for baby #2. We've had two miscarriages along the way. Those miscarriages rocked me to my core, but also made me stronger in my faith. I know God has a plan and a reason and I put my full hope and trust in Him. Also, I'm incredibly thankful for Heaven and that I will get to hug those sweet little babes one day.

s e v e n  |  I have three tattoos and I go through waves of wanting more. But, I probably will never act on that. Three is more than likely it for me.

e i g h t  |  I am not a cook. At all. I can follow a recipe and make simple meals. But making something from scratch? Um, no. Not at all. #mypoorhusband

n i n e  |  I would love to upgrade my camera equipment and spend a good few weeks learning the camera and lightroom and then eventually start a side photography businesses. This is a dream/goal of mine.

t e n |  I am probably a little too obsessed with my Jeep! I have loved them since I was young. A 1985 Jeep CJ7 was the first vehicle I ever bought myself (also red) and I've been in love with them since. I've waited a long, long time to get this one and I still can't believe she is mine.

b o n u s |  you know...one of those "if we ever win the lottery" types of scenarios...I would pull Mason out of school, buy one of those super fancy RVs with built-in wifi so that we could homeschool Mason while we travel the world! Oh and upgrade my camera equipment because...duh!

And because I thought it would be fun to look back on what Mason thought of me at this stage in life, I asked him to list 10 things about Mama. Mase - age 7.5 years old, Mama - 30 something! ;)

You're nice
You're happy
You're funny
You're the best mom in the world
You're cute
You're silly
You're good at taking pictures
You're good at taking care of me, being a mom and feeding me
You're a good citizen
You're a caring person and I love that you pray with me

Mercy, I couldn't love him more.

And then I was stuck on 8 things I had come up with for myself. I emailed Nate and asked him if he could help me come up with the last two. He emailed me  back with 11, but I couldn't post one of them here. haha! So, I went ahead and posted most of his things below. And still had to come up with the other two on my own!

You're sensitive
Love to make people feel special
Love Jesus
You have a heart of gold
You have a personality that any man would like to have in a wife
Love to travel
Love to craft
Love Jeeps
You love to challenge yourself

So blessed by these sweet boys of mine!


  1. Oh the touring the country and the homeschooling yes! I wish that were plausible! But I love my home too so i am a conundrum. I’ve been debating getting more tattoos myself but I’m like hmm. Am I too old? Can this mom do that??

  2. I love the part where you asked Mason and your hubby. That's a cup filler for sure. You do have a heart of gold, it comes right though the screen. Thanks for linking up, you know I pray for you all everyday. xoxo ERIN

  3. Aaaahhhh that list at the end was such a sweet addition. I adore you Crystal and will continue standing with you in prayer this year.

  4. I tried to get my kids to take part in this but they had nothing to say! I started my post in the same way as you did, it's hard to come up with new things to share. We both said we aren't cooks! Dave always talks about having an RV and homeschooling the kids on the road. I would do it, but it's more his dream than mine!

  5. I love this link up, I'll have to join up next month! I am with you, I am NOT a cook. I am thankful that my husband is. And having an RV and being able to travel the country is my dream too. Also - how sweet are both of your boys?
    Coffee Until Cocktails

  6. I think it would be so amazing to travel by RV! That would be so fun to move to CO! Russ's sister lives out there and I haven't visited in a while but we are going this summer!

  7. How stinking sweet are those list!? 😭 So glad I found you through this link-up, and I can’t imagine the pain of infertility. God has a mighty plan for you..just continue to trust it! We live in the Smoky Mountains of TN, and they are for sure my happy place & comfort! :)

  8. I'm still praying for you every night, Crystal. I sure hope that you get your house-full of boys one day!

  9. I love that you included your boys 10 things about you. I might have to copy that and see what my family says about me. Love your list and everything about it. My heart aches with you and your infertility. Also #2, I totally relate, like I could have written it, but you put it in words better :)

  10. Aw, I love that your husband and son included 10 things about you too! That's really sweet. :)


  11. So fun that the boys joined in!!! Mason is the SWEETEST!! I am thinking of you during this difficult infertility time - no words, just virtual *hugs*!! Oh and I always wanted to be a boy mom too!

  12. I loved learning more about you! The first one is completely me. I cry over EVERYTHING. I think I embarrass my family at times! I will keep you in my prayers...hopefully a sweet baby is in your future very soon. XOXO

  13. Thank you! And yes, I cry at all of those same things. :) Thanks for stopping by!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!