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10 Apps for Instagram - Hall Around Texas

I've received a lot of questions lately about which apps I use on Instagram, for editing, and for Instagram stories. So, I thought I would do a blog post to share my favorite apps to use! I know there are tons of apps out there and everyone has their preference, but these are the ones I use the most. Also, I want to note that each of these apps have so much more to offer, I'm just sharing what I specifically use each one for.

Apps I use for Instagram Posts:

1.) Afterlight - this app is one that has not left my phone since I downloaded it. It is a photo editing app that I use for the brightness tool alone. I love the natural brightening that it gives. I'm not one for filters, I just like a bright and crisp photo. However, this app does offer many different filters. I like that the app is easy to use and pretty straightforward.

2.) Adobe Lightroom CC - I have a new love affair with this app! I have the absolute worst lighting in my house, ever. Not much natural light and my photos always come out with a nasty yellow tint to them. I would never post these photos anywhere because they were just not appealing to the eyes. Again, I like a bright photo. Enter Lightroom CC. There is a tool that takes the yellow right out of the photo! Below is how I use Lightroom to lighten photos and to take the yellow tint out of indoor pictures.

Open photo in the Lightroom app

Choose the "Light" tool and increase the exposure until the lighting looks right

Choose the "Color" tool and then click on "Mix" in the upper right corner of that menu. Click on the yellow circle and then take the saturation down until the yellow is gone! Voila!

3.) When to Post - this app tells you the best time of the day to post on Instagram so that you can reach the most followers.

4.) Hootsuite - I use this app to schedule future Instagram posts. This app is especially useful when joining in with an Instagram photo challenge! It helps me to remember to post each day.

5.) Plann - this app gives you a preview of your Instagram so that you can keep a cohesive feed. I only have the free version, but this app has more to offer (scheduling & analytics)

Apps I use for Instagram Stories:

1.) Hype Type - I use this app to make the animated text videos for my Instagram stories. There is a free version, but the $2.99 upgrade unlocks all features of this app. I did pay the $2.99 so that I would have options and all of my videos wouldn't look the same. There are many different styles (A-Y) and different color schemes to choose from.  Below is an example of an animated text video I made with this app.

Just save to your camera roll and upload straight into Instagram Stories.

2.) Adobe Spark Post - this is another app for animated text videos. I love that in this app there are many different templates to chose from. I have only used the free version, but I am contemplating upgrading. Some templates will have the Adobe Spark watermark in the free version. Within the text you can change the style, color, font, shape alignment, opacity, and spacing. Within the main menu you can change the design, palette, resize, the layout, and the effects. The effects section is where I go to make the text animated.

Just save to your camera roll and upload straight into Instagram Stories.

3.) Word Swag - this is probably one of my most used apps for Instagram stories. I love how many options and features this app offers - for only $4.99! It's worth every penny, I promise. A great feature of this app is that if you don't have a background you love either from your camera roll or the templates they provide you can search Pixabay right from within the app. When you select your background you can crop it to an IG Stories size, making it absolutely perfect for your stories. There are so many different styles of texts and color options (even a rose gold colored font)!

4.) InShot - this app allows you to add music, effects and voice-overs to videos. While I haven't posted anything I've made on this app, I have played around with it quite a bit. And, I certainly plan to use it on our JEEP Instagram this summer when go adventuring.

5.) Canva - this is another good app for creating graphics for your Instagram stories. You can choose from hundreds of templates, or create your own. I love the flexibility of this app.

What are your favorite apps to use for Instagram? Have any fun tricks to share? I'm always so curious and intrigued by what apps people use!

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