{TBB asks // Jan 2018}

Joining in with the Blended Blog to answer some New Year themed questions! I love these things.

o n e | No resolutions. I feel like that is just setting myself up for failure. It's strange because I am totally Type A, but with a gypsy soul. I love to wander and adventure and let what come...so resolutions make me nervous. If that makes any kind of sense. I do set some goals for myself, but only with a side of grace!

t w o | LOVE snow! We live in Texas, so we rarely ever get snow. And when we do it's usually nasty ice that we pass off as snow.

t h r e e | I would love to make our way back to Colorado! The mountains are calling my name something fierce lately. I would be happy with anywhere in CO, but Nathan and I are really leaning towards Telluride. We've never been there and it looks absolutely perfect.

f o u r | hmm, I could use a trim and fresh highlights. So, both? Not a new color, though. I'm too pale to try anything adventurous.

f i v e | read the Bible all the way through. I shared more about that H E R E. And draw closer to the Lord.

s i x | hmm! What's not to love about January? A fresh new start! It is a bit cold, though.

s e v e n | it's my birthday month! And we usually go to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo in January, but this year we have tickets for February.

e i g h t | I usually leave them up until a week or two into January. but this year I started taking them down on New Year's Eve. I had time off work and was ready to get my house back in order.

n i n e | Diet? What's that? ha. I kid. But no, I do not.

t e n | all of it! Seriously. But I will start with our bedroom and master bath.

e l e v e n | anything in the crockpot?? ha! And chicken & dumplings, soups, and tater tot casserole!

t w e l v e | flavored cappucinos with lots of whip cream!

C H E E R S  T O  T W E N T Y - E I G H T E E N


  1. This reminds me of those emails that used to be so popular when i was in college. I always loved them! Ya learn something new about a person each time!

  2. Love my crockpot and going to Colorado in the summer is on my list for our family. We have to wait until next summer for sure but it's on the list. I am also all about organizing and my TX cousin just got back for college and she was going crazy at the blanket of snow we have. She just loves it! xoxo ERIN

  3. Hi there! Found you from the Blended Blog and noticed we have a few things in common - I'm married to my high school sweetheart (we'll be together 20 years this March) and we have one son as well (he's 4) and we love adventuring too, we're quite a bit north of you though (Minnesota). Anyway, I'm with you on no resolutions and no diets! And tator tot casserole! I need some of that. Anyway, nice to "meet" you, I'll be following now!
    Coffee Until Cocktails

  4. Yes to the crockpot! I have been tearing mine up lately! It just makes life so much easier!

  5. I love those cappucinos with lots of whipped cream. Have a wonderful week.

  6. It's heading on 10 and you just made my stomach growl. I can't even remember the last time I had chicken and dumplings friend. Russ doesn't love "that kind" of food. Boo, hiss, boo!!! I should make some anyways :P.

  7. I love the new start of the year. There is always something to organize. I just finished helping my mom organize her house. I love ❤️ crockpots. Gotta have my hair color. Cappuccinos are fantastic. Hardly ever does it snow here. Happy Wednesday. First time visit....


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