{Our biggest battle lately...}

Toddlerhood is filled with many tantrums and battles. That we are learning!
Our biggest one right now? Getting this boy to come inside!
He wants to stay outside 24/7.
Come in to eat? Nope.
Come in to bathe? Nope.
Come in to watch TV? Nope
Come in for Skittles? Nope
::Kidding on that one. Okay, maybe not::

We have to carry him in kicking and screaming every.single.night.

Baby boy, we love being outside too - especially when it means cute photos of you.
But, we can't live outside!!

Funny story for this next set of photos...
There was a "Tick-tet" {cricket} in the yard and Mason was scared of it.
He would look at it...and when it would jump he'd take off running for me.
It was hilarious!

Daddy gives Mason {almost} free control of the "tractor".
He loves it.

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  1. We have that problem with Dustin as well. It was non stop until the past 2 weeks. Sometimes I get him to help me bring stuff in, or I bribe him with seeing the puppy (Dustin is obsessed with our dog right now). I hope you can find something to at least sometimes get him to come inside without a fight.


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