{Exploring the Ranch next door}

We live next door to a 3500 acre cattle ranch and love it.
The manager of the land has given us permission to "roam" if we wish.
And that? We love to do.
 It's my happy...my calm...my secret place.
The ranch is the home of many donkeys, cows, rabbits, {no telling what kinds of animals you might see}, dilapidated barns and a fun little river.
Oh, I forgot to mention - we don't roam on foot...we take the trail wagon.

We used to "explore" the Ranch all the time before we had Mason.
We'd spend hours just roaming, hiking, sitting by the water.
Our own little gettaway.
And now we get to explore with him.
He absolutely loves it.
Anywhere that we can take the trail wagon is a good time to him!

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  1. That is beautiful!

    We live on a 62-000 acre ranch and every Sunday we go exploring. So much fun!


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