First watermelon of the Summer (6/25)...
And Mason's first ever Watermelon. {I know}
The first Summer he was too small, 
the 2nd Summer he wouldn't try anything new.
But this year he tried it.

It was a success.
He liked it.
But just like most food, wasn't "all" about it.
He ate a few pieces and then he was ready to feed the chickens!

Love this boy!

"RAWWWWR" - "Mama, I scared the chickens!!"


  1. mason, watermelon and chickens...TOO CUTE!

  2. Hey! Just revisiting from the link Up! You have such an adorable little boy! New follower. Thanks for stopping by my little part of the world!

  3. He is seriously TOO cute!! Love all your pics on instagram!! :)


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