{He said what?!}

Things Mason has been saying lately:
{I've been keeping a list and it's time to blog them!}

While getting ready one day –
“I like your shoes Dad”
 “I like your hair Mommy”

Nate was drinking a coke and Mason wanted some. Nate was trying to talk him out of it because it had caffeine –
“But then Daddy will be thirsty if you drink it all” – Nate
“But Mason is thirsty too” – Mase

While at school one day he told a brown eyed teacher –
“You have big blue eyes”
She had to think about it a minute…then remembered she had on blue eyeshadow!

While laying out clothes for school one evening –
“Mase, wanna wear this new baseball shirt you got for your birthday?” – Me
“Travis has that shirt” – Mase
I asked his teacher, and sure enough it was true!

While getting ready for bed one night - 
“Mommy I want to watch Inspector Gadget on your Pooter Pooter” – referring to my Kindle Fire.

{Yes, I made him repeat it like 12 times}

Mason has been talking to his Puppy lately like it’s a friend – 
“Puppy, you have fun at school today?”
“Puppy, you see the hay over there?


I saw him looking/whispering to Puppy in the backseat –
“Mason, what is Puppy doing?? – Me
“Puppy wants to go on the bump bumps” – Mase {speedbumps}

While getting ready for Ty's senior Baccalaureate -

"Daddy's handsome and Mason's handsome too"

"Puppy needs to watch Caillou" - {because he really wanted to}

 One night while laying down to go to bed Daddy gave him kisses - 

"More tisses Daddy" - {oh my heart!!}

"Mommy get in my simmin' pool" - Mase
"But I don't have swimming clothes on" - me
"Go put a simmin' diaper on Mommy and get in" - Mase

Last night while laying down he starts playing with my hair - 

"I like your hair Mommy, it's SOOO pretty"


 And a funny...

I was changing his diaper one day {you can imagine what comes next? No?}

"It's standing up Mommy"

oh the joys of having a boy!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Precious! Our little guy is starting to talk. Not sentences yet, but have noticed a huge difference in him lately. Your little guy is sooo precious! I love your new blog design and the colors. They're awesome! I must say I really love your banner. So, so, so, so stinkin' precious! :)
    ♥ Stepha

  2. My daughter has been saying some crazy funny things lately too. I love Mason's last statement that you shared- I literally lol-ed.

  3. Omg, that is too cute!!!! How adorable!

  4. these posts are adorable! I'm going through and reading them all now!!


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