{Big Boy Class}

Well.......the time has finally come.
Mason moved up to the "Two's" class yesterday.
He totally rocked it, of course!

Prayer's answered.

His eyes lit up every time we asked him about the "big boy class" 
and he said things like, "I had so much fun" or "It was so cool".
You know. Big boy stuff.

It made me so happy that he had such a great day.
And that the transition was pretty much seamless.

God is good. So good.

He adapted well, ate his chicken nuggets at lunch and napped like a champ!
Puppy watched Mason from his cubby all day.
He did get bit on the playground, but didn't even cry.
Thankfully it wasn't bad and didn't break the skin.
When we got in the car he told me again, "Mommy that was FUNNN"
and I started balling.
He just looked so.big.to.me.
And he told me, "It's okay Mommy".
I then had to explain to him that those were happy tears. He giggled.

Oh man I love him!



  1. "its okay mommy"....melts my heart!

  2. How sweet!! Growing up is so sad for us mommies!! BTW, I emailed you at the email address listed under contact! Thanks again =)

  3. Kristin - I haven't gotten it - chall1018@sbcglobal.net :)

  4. I can't wait for my little one to get older!! Love this age :) He is so cute!


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