{Mason and his best buddy}

A couple of weekends ago we had our good friend over for dinner and visiting.
We had do much fun!
Nathan made pulled chicken sandwiches and we ate outside on the porch.
The boys did more playing than eating!
They had a blast.

It's always fun to watch them interact and communicate.
They are hilarious!
And they get along so well for {2} two year olds.
They hardly ever fight.

Having good friends is so important.
And, I'm glad Mason is making them at such a young age.

A little swimming....

Then a little baseball...


Then they spent the rest of the evening cruising around...

Love these boys!


  1. I must say I LOVE that pool. I have never seen one like that. What a FUN time that is! And, yes good friends are great to have. I am still nervous about this when Daven starts pre-school. ;( But I am ready for him to meet them. He loves kids and his cousins are older than him. So we'll see. And, that pulled chicken sounds delish. Please share the recipe!!! :)

  2. Those pictures are so sweet! I can't wait for Caden to make some friends around here! I don't know many 'moms' in my area yet.

  3. I love all these pictures. I love that POOL. I showed it to Michael yesterday and told him THAT was what we were having at Daven's 2 year party. :) And, Mason's swimming attire has inspired me on Polyvore. I want you to get on there so we can design boy outfits together! :D


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