{Candice Jolly}

Okay - so, it's no secret that Mason loves Monster Trucks now and is totally addicted.
I mean he loves them.
Eats, sleeps and breathes them.

Well, the Sunday after we went to the Monster Jam at Texas Stadium we bought him this:

And it rarely leaves his hands. 
When he's eating? This truck has to be right beside his plate. When he's bathing? Well, Candice Jolly gets a car-wash. When he's sleeping? His little hand is clenched around this truck.
I told him one time {on the day we bought the toy} that a girl drove this truck 
and that her name was Candice Jolly.
He hasn't forgotten that.
He asks for this toy by her name now, "Mama, where's Candice Jolly".
All of his other trucks are referred to as "Monster Trucks". But this one? He only calls it by the driver's name.
Smartie pants!

OH how I love this boy.

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  1. I love it!!!
    He and Daven (my little man) would be BFF's!!! Daven loves his monster trucks too. We have a bag that doesn't leave our site when we leave our house. We (Michael and I) do not ask...did you get the diaper bag, it's "Did you get his trucks?"

    BOYS...we love THEM! :)


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