{Dallas Zoo - Mason's 2nd Bday}

Last year for Mason's 1st birthday we took him to the Fort Worth Zoo so that was our plan for his 2nd birthday. We know the Ft Worth Zoo has always been nice.
But, people started telling us how awesome the Dallas Zoo was and how they've vamped it up.
We were torn and wasn't sure which one to go to.
We had been telling Mason about riding the train they have near the Fort Worth Zoo and he was super excited...so we felt obliged to take him there.
Until we heard there was a "Tram" exhibit at the Dallas Zoo. We knew that would pass as a train ride.

So...we decided we'd go to the Dallas Zoo this year and then we'd have the two to compare for future visits. Mason's Nana was able to come with us, which was nice.

Mason, Daddy & Nana

 And? We LOVED the Dallas Zoo. Good choice! Everything was so nice and clean {much to our surprise, honestly}. And there was much more things for a toddler to do. Lots of hands on exhibits and a play area with slides and such.

Petting Zoo - The "Doat" as Mason calls it.

We rode the carousel as soon as we walked in the door - so of course that started our Zoo trip off on a good note. He bounced around on different animals before he settled on the "Rhinoceros" - of course. Side note - Mason loves Rhinoceros' and gets so excited about it. The ride lasted about 2.5 minutes and Mason loved it. He didn't want to get off. 

Mason about jumped out of Nate's arms when we saw the Rhinoceros!!!

The bird exhibit - oh my! Sounded like a good idea...but eeekkk...not sure I will ever go in that one again. I love birds, but from afar. These birds started going crazy and one swooped down to my head. I think he saw my shiny bobby pin and thought it was something yummy. I may or may not have freaked a little!!!

Mason wasn't too sure about the birds either!

Our favorite exhibit? Had to be the Elephant/Zebra/Giraffe area - hand's down. It was the coolest! And such a nice area of the Zoo. You can feed the Giraffes at the Dallas Zoo and they get so close. I took a Gazillion pictures of them! It's safe to say that I want one :)

 Mason and Daddy got to ride a camel. Mason thought it was just about the coolest thing. And the guy was so sweet. They were chatting and Daddy told him that it was Mason's birthday so he gave him a free picture {normally cost $5 bucks a pic}.

It was such a nice, relaxing day. There were tons of schools there, but we never had to deal with crowds. I love doing things like this with my family!!!

We got there a little after 9 when the Zoo opened and stayed until a little after 1ish. Then we went for lunch at Hunkys. Nana got Mason some ice cream, which he loved.

It was a great day and I am pretty sure my sweet little boy enjoyed his 2nd bday very much so. We talk about our trip almost everyday and he gets so excited each time.

Slideshow of the rest of the pictures...

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