{24 months}

My sweet boy is Twenty-four months. Oh my goodness. I can hardly believe I am typing that.
Which means it's been almost 5 years ago since we started the journey of building a family.
Just doesn't seem real.
For as long as I can remember all I've ever wanted to be was a Mommy.
And my Sweet Mason Lane made my dreams come true.

I am forever thankful.

At 24 months...

You weigh 30.6 lbs {78th percentile}
You are 34.5 inches tall {58th percentile}

Size 2t bottoms
Size 2/3/4t shirts - depends on the brand
Size 7 shoes

Size 6 diapers

Eating - within the last week or so you have started eating like a horse! And I love it. As far as fruits go you love apples, bananas and plums. Veggies are iffy - you love any kind of bean, but hate the textures of most veggies. Some of your favorites right now are grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese and mexican food. You drink more fluids than anyone that I know. 

Sleeping - you sleep great at night - usually 10-12 hours a night. You nap for a little over 2 hours everyday at school and weekends are up in the air. Sometimes you'll go all day without a nap and sometimes you'll nap for 4 hours or more! 

Talking - you can carry on conversations with anyone! There's nothing you can't say. It's amazing to watch your little vocabulary build. I'm keeping note of all the funny things you've been saying lately. V1 here

You are such a character. You love to make people laugh, as much as you love for them to to be happy. You are constantly praising/complementing people and you can't stand for anyone to cry. You immediately go over and pat their back - no matter who it is. You have such great manners and are well behaved for the most part. You do have tantrums like any other 2 year old, but they are not as often as the times you behave. 

You can count to 10, say your abcs straight through a to z, can spell your name, know over 15 shapes, all of your colors, and can point to numbers on the number wall. We are so proud.

We will be visiting potty training soon and I am both looking forward to it and dreading it. It's exciting because it's one more step towards "big boy" status...but remember earlier when I said you drink a lot of fluids?!? It will be challenging and interesting, no doubt!

Speaking of big boy status - you are very independent these days and want to do everything like a big boy. It's a blessing and a curse {like most things toddlerhood related}. A blessing because you are learning so much, but a curse when you want to do things like pour your own drink! ha

It's so fun to watch you grow and flourish! And makes us so incredibly proud. There is nothing in the world I'd rather be than your Mommy. Thank you for making life so grand!

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  1. Precious. Simply precious!!!
    Yay for Mason!! He sounds like a very smart boy.

    We must be behind, though.
    Daven will be two in August and well he thinks his name is "Da-Da", can only count to two, does know all his body parts, knows shape puzzles and any puzzle-but can't tell you what the individual pieces are. He does not know his ABC's. He just sings.."La, La, La".

    Has Mason always been in "school"?

    Am I way behind with Daven? My mom tells me no and that all kids are different, but every two year old I see does not act like our little love. Daven will turn 2 in August & will start preschool in September. I am very, very nervous. He has not been good at Bible School this week. He throws bad fits and thinks he needs to hit everything. :( HELP!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!