{No girls allowed}

Monday at school we had at least 5 new kids.
One of those just happened to be a blonde haired, blue eyed, tanned, 
cute as can be little 3 year old girl.
To say Mason fell for her was an understatement.
She was sitting across from Mason at the table and he wouldn't take his eyes off her.
He says, "Mama, I go sit by her" - never blinking or looking away from her.
A few seconds later the little girl took off to join all the other kids.
What does Mason say to that?

"Mommy, I go with Gracie!!!".
So he did.

And his teacher told me he followed her around all morning.

I am in TROUBLE!

He's too young for this!!

We are going to have to have a talk about girls.
Mommy is the only one allowed!! :)

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