This puppy?
That would be Mason's best friend.
He has been with us since Mason was an infant.
Mase has slept with him since he was months old.
We never leave the house without Puppy and his blanket.
But here in the last couple months he has become so much more to Mason.
A friend.
Someone he talks to.
Someone he carries under his arm everywhere he goes.
Someone he can't play without. 

This puppy has been through so much with us.
He's caught many tears, comforted Mason through a couple hospital visits, many doctor's trips, served as a pillow, propped up bottles night after night, was with Mason the first day he started "School", and so much more.
But now?
He's Mason's friend.
And that? Makes my heart so happy.

He tells me "Mommy, Puppy is my favorite", "Mommy, Puppy is my best friend".

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  1. That is so sweet! I love reading about what Mason is up too! He seems so adventurous!!


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