Before Mason was even born Nathan and I both agreed
that our child would have manners.
We'd teach them and instill in them how important
having manners.
And we'd start as soon as our child started talking.

It's respectful.
It's kind.

Maybe it's a Southern thing.
Maybe it's a "Texan" thing.
But, it's important to us.

And how cute is it to hear a 2 year old say "Yes ma'am", "No sir", 
"Please and Thank You"?!?
Pretty darn!

People are always complementing Mason on his manners.
And that?
Makes me so proud!!!!

He picked them up pretty seamlessly...
but lately he has picked up "Yeah"...{from school I suppose}
So, we are having to remind him here and there.
He does good for the most part, but slips every now and then.


  1. i agree! My daugther 2 years old says yes ma'am and no ma'am as well as sir.
    When she's in trouble and and I tell her we don't do something she says yea ma'am and I just smile so big bc it is the cutest thing ever!!

  2. I couldn't agree more with this! I think it's extremely important! Plus...what's sweeter than a 2 year old's munchkin voice saying 'please', 'thank you' & 'excuse me'?!?!


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