{2019 Autumn bucket list // Update two}

Not too long ago I shared our first Autumn bucket list update and today I am back with another update! We are rockin' and rollin' on our list and having so much fun this fall. We are about 72% through our list. Here's a look at what we have done so far...

Note: if I've already blogged about it I linked the post.

🌰 Buy Pumpkins - we haven't made it to the pumpkin patch yet, but I did buy a couple of pumpkins! We needed some for our trip to Mitchell Resort. I bought one for us to practice our design on and one for Mason to use in the pumpkin contest! We are hoping to get to go to the pumpkin patch on the weekend of the 25th and praying for cooler weather. We could go this Saturday, but it's going to be like 89 degrees. Ughhhh. C'mon Texas...

Also - side note - these pumpkins in the back of my Jeep make me extremely happy! Two of my favorite things combined!!

🌰 Go Camping - I recently posted about our camping trip to Mitchell Resort in Perrin, TX. We had an amazing time! I love camping in the fall so much! Less sweating and just more festiveness. And I love to visit RV parks & resorts when the leaves start changing colors. Makes for really pretty views and pictures!!

🌰 Go to the Texas State Fair - one of our favorite fall family traditions! The Texas State Fair never disappoints...well, mostly. They didn't have my Kool-Aid Pickle Dilly Sangria that I was so looking forward to! It was so delicious last year (see picture below). I will have to try to find the recipe and make it myself.  We love to go and try some of the new foods, look at the new Jeeps, and Mason loves the thrill of the rides! We had an amazing time with the family.

🌰 Trick or Treating - I know, I know....it's not even Halloween yet! But, we checked this one off with our most recent camping trip. The kiddos trick or treat among the campers. I'm so glad they do this! You never know what the weather is going to be like and when it's on a weekday the trick or treating may be cut short! So, at least we get in one good trick or treating session at camp!

🌰 Camp at Mitchell Resort - you can read all about that here. It's quickly become one of my favorite weekends of the entire year! We always have such an amazing time.

🌰 Boo a friend - we decided to BOO our little neighbor friends this year! They are little brothers ages 2 and 1. I picked up everything from Target to put in their BOO bag. I knew they were dressing up as Buzz and Woody for Halloween so I was extra excited to find the Toy Story sticker book! I also filled it with vampire teeth, witch fingers, Halloween socks, play packs, grow a Frankenstein, funky glasses,m&ms, and other snacks!
🌰 Bake Halloween treats - we baked some festive Halloween cookies on our Hocus Pocus movie night! And that was the extent of our baking this Halloween!

🌰 Go on a hayride - we got to do this during our visit to Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm! It was a quick little ride, but a hayride nonetheless.

🌰 Go to the Pumpkin Patch - we only made it to the one this year. Some years we are lucky enough to get to visit 2 or 3 patches. But time only allowed for one this year and we chose Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm. Note to self - do not go on the very last day next year!

🌰 Annual Hocus Pocus Movie Night - we always have a blast with this! This year was no exception. And this movie never gets old. Long live traditions!!

🌰 Run through a cornmaze - another item we checked off while at the pumpkin farm! The corn wasn't very tall this year, but it was still a fun time.

🌰 Buy Halloween Pajamas - as Mason gets older I find it more difficult to find cute pajamas in his size. And, I kind of waited too late in the year to start looking. But, I found these on Amazon and they worked.

🌰 Start a new TV series - we started Stranger Things (I know, I know...a little late to the game). I also started Riverdale again, Almost Family, and another one that I can't remember the name of! haha

🌰 Pick out costumes - you can find those posts here and here. Nate and I had two costumes this year; scarecrows and adult onesies. Mason was just the one this year - a skull trooper from Fortnite.

🌰 Carve or decorate pumpkins - not only did we do this at Mitchell Resort, we also had a practice go round here at home!

🌰 Trick or treating - I guess I was extra excited about this one because I put it on my list twice. Or maybe I just knew we were going to get to do it twice. Haha! Mason got to trick or treat at Mitchell Resort as well as here in town.

🌰 Do something spooky - Nate and I went to a haunted house with some friends of ours. That's about as spooky as it got this year! haha

🌰 Make a fall-themed shirt - I have only made one so far and it was for the Texas State Fair.

What all have you done this fall?

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