Are we over Halloween, trick or treating, and pumpkins? I know the minute we got home from trick or treating I was ready to ditch the pumpkins and bring out the Christmas stuff! Maybe because it was in the 30's here and that's more like winter for Texas and not very fall like! We skipped right from summer to winter! Anyhow, we decided to go Trick or Treating in our town this year and we had a good time! We started early around 5:45ish, but it worked out pretty great for us.

We trick or treated in an area that is often called "Gingerbread Lane" because of the Gingerbread houses! All I know is that they are beautiful! There were a lot of decorated houses and people dressed up to hand out candy. It wasn't too crowded while we were there, but it was getting to be that way when we left.

After we finished those two sides of the street we headed over to Mason's aunt & uncles house to trick or treat there! We ended up staying there for the rest of the evening. Mason had a soda poured over the top of his head and he was cold, wet and sticky and didn't want to walk around in the cold like that for the rest of the evening. Michelle baked cookies and we just chatted and caught up. I mean, how cute is she??

How was your Halloween?

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