Last Sunday Nate's mom planned a family day in Fort Worth. Nate, Mason and I went to the early church service and then met them at the gas station down the road afterward. We started the day off by riding the Forest Park Miniature Railroad. We have lived in the DFW all our lives and have never taken a ride on this train! It was so enjoyable, inexpensive, and lasted over 45 minutes.

Our ride started at promptly 12:00 pm. Luckily, I still had blankets in the back of the Jeep from our Jeep Safari the day before. They came in handy for the train! It was 68 degrees, but it was windy and cool! So, it was nice to have a blanket to wrap up in. The train took us all the way down to the Trinity area where we scoped out a really neat park! 

We stopped at another dept on our trek back for a quick break. They were selling popcorn and sodas, so we grabbed some for Mase. We also took advantage of the little break and grabbed some photos.

After the train ride we all went out for lunch! It was such a great family day.

Here is a little video I made from the train ride...

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