{Pumpkin Patching at Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm // 2019}

Last Sunday we were able to finally carve out some time to go to the Pumpkin Patch. October was jam packed and a billion degrees. Who wants to visit the pumpkin patch when it's 96 degrees outside? That just doesn't feel right to me. Anyhow, we had declared Saturday, October 26th as our "pumpkin patch day". It was going to be a glorious high of only 64 degrees and just perfect. Only it rained and rained on the Thursday and Friday before so they closed the patch for Saturday. Womp. Womp. We already had plans for Sunday as we were celebrating my Grandma's birthday party at my aunt's house. Monday would have been her 74th birthday and we wanted to celebrate her. We were able to get together with my family for a few hours and then head to the pumpkin patch for a few hours.

We went to Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm in Midlothian along with thousands of other people! It was the last day the patch was opened for the season so the crowds were crazy. It wasn't like the time Mason and I went in 2017 (October of 2018 was a rainy season and rained out the pumpkin patch almost every weekend) when we could just chill and enjoy the beautiful farm. There were people every where! But, even so it was a good time.

We started out by taking some pictures at the entrance. I was just going to take a picture of Mason by the Shadow Creek sign, but after taking some family pictures for a group in front of us they offered to do the same for us. Nate was holding our place in line to pay admission. I wish he could have been in these with us, but it wasn't planned.

After waiting to pay admission we went to the big slides! Mason caught wind that if you sprayed WD40 on your potato sack it would slide quicker so he did just that!

After the slides we went to find a tree swing! They have tons hanging from trees all around. While we were swinging we found the big jumping pad. This was new since we were last there.

After jumping and playing Mason wanted a snowcone. They had a booth for snowcones from Bahama Bucks! The flavors were limited, but there was still a great selection to choose from. Mason picked cotton candy - one of his go to flavors! We found a swing for him to hang out and eat his snowcone.

Next we went to check out the pumpkin selection. Mason and I had some fun playing with some funky gourds while Nathan talked to a friend he ran into. Mason picked out one white pumpkin to bring home with us.

 Next we headed for the corn maze. On the way there we stopped for a couple of pictures on the antique tractors! It's always fun to climb up on those. The corn maze was a little disappointing as it was not that tall this year.

After the cornmaze we went to get in line for the hayride. It was a long line so Mason and I checked out the animals that were part of the petting zoo. I might have fallen in love with a llama in a sombrero!

The hayride was much shorter than it was in 2017, but fun nonetheless. We called it a day after the hayride!

Did you get to go to the pumpkin patch this year?

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