{Jeep Safari at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center with Texas Jeep Adventures}

This past Saturday we joined Texas Jeep Adventures for a Jeep safari at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center! We were so excited to have Nate's parents join us in our Jeep and we convoyed with another Jeep from our area! We all met at an Expo center not far from the animal park so that we could all convoy over together. If I had to guess I would say there were over 75 Jeeps in total for this event. It was so much fun!!!

We left our area around 10:50ish and began our hour and twenty-minute trek to Glen Rose, TX. A few miles from our stopping spot we stopped at a gas station to let everyone use the restroom and grab some snacks. Mason found himself a lollipop with a cricket in the inside. GROSS! Hashtag boymom.

We got to the Expo center around 12:05 and roll out time was 1:00 pm sharp. We got out and checked out all the other Jeeps and socialized until it was time to leave. Oh, and one thing I haven't mentioned here on the blog...we bought a soft top for the Jeep recently! Our Jeep came with a hardtop, which we love but also hate. It's a pain to take off and store! And it's difficult with just Nate and I. My arms are not long enough, nor am I tall enough to help him. We always have to get our neighbor friends to help us remove it. It's a beating, really. And when we go on vacation we don't want to go topless the entire time and then when we get to our destination there really isn't anywhere to store that large hardtop.  And that's what makes a soft top so glorious! You can ride with it on and then pull it back within minutes. Here is what the Jeep looks like with the new soft top

Anyhow, we decided to go ahead and pull the top back so that we would be ready once we got to Fossil Rim. It literally took minutes and was so easy!

When we got to Fossil Rim Nate's mom and I decided we would get out and get to the ticket booth pretty quick. Otherwise, we would have been waiting for a long time. And I am so glad we did. We were 25 minutes into the park when a friend said she was still waiting to pay! So, all of our Jeeps got separated, but there was still a good amount in each group. We stuck with our friends from our hometown. Mason was able to stand up in the back of the Jeep so he got a great view of all the animals!!

We stopped at the half-way point to check it out. Only Mason and I got out to go roam. Mason picked out some binoculars for his souvenir! I thought that was a good idea because he can use them on this safari and on other adventures! He also got ice cream and then we went to the overlook area.

After the lookout area was the giraffes! My favorite! There was really only one up and visiting with the cars. And he visited with our friends and then skipped us and went to the tour bus behind us. They had other kinds of feeds like some leafy greens that caught his attention. I was so disappointed! I only wanted a picture of a giraffe towering over the Jeep! Womp. Womp. It was still neat to see them so close!

Next up were a bunch of Addax & Aoudad that let us hand-feed them. We also saw two little babies in this area! So cute and sweet.

There wasn't a whole lot to see after the Giraffes. But, Mason got to use his binoculars when looking at the cheetahs!

And then it was time for the mean ol' ostrich! The joke was on Nathan this time around. Normally he will pull up with the ostrich on my side and hold my window button so that I cant' roll down the window. I'm normally all but in the floorboard hiding from that thing! But, this time Nate's dad took the reigns and held the feed over Nathan! I was laughing my butt off...from my mother in law's lap, of course! I was on the same side as Nate and that was too close for comfort for me!

After the Fossil Rim adventure, we went for a late lunch/early supper at an old favorite, Loco Coyote! It has been years since any of us had been there so we were excited. And it did not disappoint. The atmosphere there is pretty great, too!

Have you ever been to a drive-thru animal park? They are so much fun!

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