This week was homecoming week for us! It's always nice to break free from the school uniforms for a week and have fun themed dress-up days. This year's themes were a little different than they have been in the past and we were here for it!

{O N E} Monday - The Sandlot - wear sports team shirts and sports gear:

Mason wore his Texas Ranger's jersey and a baseball shirt underneath. I was going to make him a shirt that said "you're killin' me smalls" but I wasn't sure how many would get it. I mean, we love the movie and have seen it a million times. Mason was fine with wearing his Ranger gear!

{T W O} Tuesday - Batman & Robin - pick a dynamic duo of any sort and ress up with a friend:

Mason and his friend chose "Mario & Luigi" for their dynamic duo! I made the shirts and my friend ordered the mustaches. We saw that Mario and Luigi typically wear overalls, but we didn't have any and didn't want to cover their shirts. So, we decided on jeans and suspenders to look like overalls. I sure hope someone gets a picture of them together today!

{T H R E E} Wednesday - Independence Day - wear red, white and blue

I made Mason a shirt for the dress-up day. I let him choose the design and he chose this one. We have a ton of red, white and blue swag because of parades and such so we found a fun little wig for Mason. We took one picture and then we both quickly decided to put the wig back into the parade bucket. While it's a fun dress-up day at school, it's still a really heavy day. #weremember

{F O U R} Thursday - Austin Powers - wear hippie clothing - tie dye

We don't own anything hippie-ish for Mason so we just ordered him a tie dye shirt from Amazon! He picked out a blue patterened one. Too bad we don't have an Austin Powers wig! ha! I treated Mason to donuts before school which meant we had to leave about 15-20 minutes earlier than normal. We rushed out so fast that I forgot to grab my pictures of him on the porch. So, we went to the town square and took some!

{F I V E} - Friday - Friday Night Lights - wear your best spirit wear

Mason picked out one of his favorite school shirts and some school socks and called it good. Some people go all out and paint jeans or overalls, but we didn't do that. Maybe next year!

Happy weekend!! Hope it's a good one.

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